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Launcher Dock

Launcher Dock is a useful program that is created for specific tasks. The main idea behind this software is to provide flexibility so that you can launch programs in no time. It helps to launch applications and dock them on multiple screens. The good thing about this application is that it’s free and anyone can use it.

Hence, if you are one of those who love to personalize the programs and want to manage them accordingly, this utility is the ideal option for you. It makes sure to open all your favorite things when you Log On. The installation process is also very simple and to the point, which means you don’t have to be an expert to use it. Just download it, and you are good to go.

How to Download Launcher Dock

To download Launcher Dock, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Program Review

Managing numerous apps on the same screen can be a difficult task. Not only does this process require a lot of effort, but it can be time-consuming as well. So, instead of arranging them all the time, it’s time to use a utility to dock each program on various screens.

To your surprise, we have found a tool for you that is straightforward and can be managed by anyone. Yes, we are talking about Launcher Dock. From the name, you can guess that its main purpose is to dock the programs and adjust them to different screens.

Whether you want to add a weather app or a fitness one, this software will add all the things on the screen. In addition, you don’t have to waste your time opening all the apps each time because it will manage the things for you. Just Log Out from the device, and it will handle things accordingly.

How to Use Launcher Dock?

It’s very easy to use it because of the simple options. Since its main purpose is to dock the things, so you don’t have to follow many steps. Just download it from the site, adjust the settings, and you are good to go.

You can easily select the things you want to launch, such as a video, a website, or any other application. It’s a lightweight tool and doesn’t consume much space. However, make sure to read the instructions first before you start any process.

The Features of Launcher Dock

The important features of Launcher Dock are as follows:

  1. Lightweight Software

It has an intuitive interface and can be managed easily by beginners. You can easily display all the list of programs on one and multiple screens. Besides, it’s free and doesn’t cost you a single penny.

  1. Dock and Launch Apps

It allows you to launch and dock apps effortlessly. Also, you can simply display the things on your hard drive as well. However, for that, you have to adjust some settings to complete the process.

  1. Customize Launching Options

This feature is worth a try and saves you a lot of time. You can make different categories and can add files to them. For Example, if you want to launch Notepad, you can create a simple category named Parameters field and add the app in it.

  1. Detects Screens

It helps to detect screens connected, and it also provides you information related to the position of the screen.

The Bottom Line

To make your work easier, this tool is the right choice. Moreover, users can also define the screens’ position, which means whenever you Turn On your PC, the application will open at the same location.

Launcher Dock
Launcher Dock will let you automatically launch your apps on startup and place them where you want on the screen. Download it now.
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