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PTBSync 6.5c

PTBSync is a multifunctional program that offers various features, including time synchronization, organizing the events, Trayclock function, and adjusting the desktop calendar. Atomic clock synchronization that connects your PC time with an automatic clock using the internet connection. It provides almost 65-time servers known as NTP.

PTBSync is smart enough to automatically calculate age when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries. So, you don’t have to do anything as this program will provide you with all the functions. You can also get support for DSL and International UTC, etc.

Once the event is near, it launches a file or generates popup messages, so you don’t miss the dates of your loved ones. Hence, when the event is near, you will receive various messages, which is a good point of this application. Let’s have a look at its different features and how it can be beneficial for you.

How to Download PTBSync

To download your copy of PTBSync, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Program Review

If you are looking for a program that can help you to adjust the time and send you daily reminders, you have landed at the right place. Today, we will tell you about software that is simple-to-use and provides lots of features. Not only does it allow you to organize your events, but it also makes sure that you can perform complex data scheduling, export things, and much more.

The good thing about this application is that multiple users can set their own data entries on the same PC. Yes, we are talking about PTBSync. This utility has a user-friendly interface and works without causing any issues.

Moreover, it allows you to set alarm sounds, export the details in HTML, organize things, and much more. Even beginners can also use it without worrying about anything. In case you are a student and don’t have time to remember all your important details, let this tool handle everything for you.

Plus, you will be surprised to know its advantages and how fast it works. The installation process is minimal, so you don’t have to spend much time installing it. Just follow the steps mentioned on the official website, and you are ready to use it.

The Key Features of PTBSync

Let’s discuss some of its useful features.

  1. Display Details

It provides details of various things, including events, birthday dates, holidays, and much more.

  1. Organize Elements

Using this tool, you can move elements anywhere on the screen. It also makes sure that you can adjust the timings and events according to your requirements.

  1. Support for 15 Monitors

You can use this software on 15 different monitors. However, multiple users can use it on the same PC as well.

  1. Desktop Notes

Users can import the HTML notes and display them on the desktop. Along with that, they can edit and open them via right-click. Also, you can change its font, size, and transparency.

  1. Print Calendar

Once you have arranged the calendar, you can export and print it.

Final Verdict

To sum all, it can be an alternative to the Windows Tray Clock and allows you to adjust things according to your requirements. It also helps to calculate the timings and details of birthdays and various events.

PTBSync is a multi-feature desktop organizer program. Download it now and make your daily work in Windows more productive.
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