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Smart DNS Changer & MAC Address Changer 4.7.2

Controlling who sees what on the Internet isn’t that complicated, especially if you control it all with a simple DNS/MAC address changer. And that’s exactly what DNS Changer | MAC Address Changer gives you in a simple, easy-to-use software format that makes access management a breeze.

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The Program Review

Whether you’re managing multiple users on a home or business network, the app is perfect for limiting access to certain websites that you don’t want others viewing for whatever reasons.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the software’s features as well as why we think you should check it out if you are an access management admin on your local network.

Here’s why we think this app is such a great solution for you.

In its most basic form, this software is a simple DNS/MAC address changer that allows you to either access or deny access to certain things to certain users on your network.

Users download and utilize this app for everything from having an extra layer of software and virus protection to controlling what websites users access on the Internet.

You can also use this app to control what kind of information you display on the web as you surf other websites.

The uses for it range from complex to quite simple and it really depends on what the end user wants in a software app more than anything else.

One common use is to protect children from violent or pornographic content on the Internet. This is done by limiting what certain users on the network are able to access or not.

While the same software can be used to subvert that, we doubt that younger users will know how to do this – at least for a while.

What you get is a free, robust child-lock software that doesn’t have any ads or malware.

When you sum up what you get with this software, it’s a pretty darn good bargain, even if it is somewhat simple.

We’ve discussed how various levels of users might find different uses for this app but we’ve not discussed the app itself in terms of usability. It isn’t the friendliest software but it is by no means difficult to use.

You’ll spend a lot more time figuring out what’s going on then you’ll probably want to do but, once mastered, it’s all quite cut and dry.

Functionalities are kept simple enough that you won’t have to wonder about what you’re doing and the help menu is pretty robust as well.

This is all supported by a clean interface that conveys information in a direct way.

Again, you’re going to have to learn the ropes to know what you’re doing but it doesn’t take long.

Secure, stable, and easier to use than you would expect, this app is ideal for people that want some kind of cheap, efficient web protection and user security management software for their computer.

There are other options out there, but few of them are free and most don’t give you these kinds of options.

Smart DNS Changer & MAC Address Changer
Smart DNS Changer & MAC Address Changer is a specialized software that gives you full control over important network settings. Download it now.
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