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The Windows start menu was a revolution when it debuted back on Windows 95. But it isn’t as functional as you might believe. From lacking in search functions to slowing down when you have a ton of stuff on your hard drive, the start menu has long stopped being the best place to “start” your Windows experience. If you’d like to customize your startup menu, then look no further than SysMenu.

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The Program Review 

Thankfully the desktop icons are still there, eh? But what if you didn’t have to settle for that slow start menu anymore. 

In fact, what if you could customize your own. That’s basically what SysMenu gives you in a freeware program that overhauls the bloated Windows start menu and replaces it with a robust, efficient, and fully customizable interface. 

SysMenu not only offers you a range of options when it comes to your startup menu but also lets you customize what applications you want immediate access to upon launch.

Probably one of the biggest strengths of SysMenu outside of its vast menu customization options are the number shareware programs that are compatible with it.

These augment your startup menu experience and deliver the functionality you need right off the bat. Customization features are very, very granular including program names, folder options, labels, and more.

The cataloging features found in SysMenu also works to make its search bar functionality extra fast and relevant in terms of results. You can even extend SysMenu to manage extension associations.

SysMenu also supports most major world languages including Spanish, Chinese, Greek, English, and even Finnish. Given the breadth of its language selection, SysMenu is likely available in your native language.

Supported operating systems include Windows Core up to Windows 10 in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Easy to install, you just download the SysMenu package and unzip it and go from there. The initial setup will involve what kind of programs you want to put into your menu as well as how you want it arranged.

To save your configuration, there is a backup configuration option that backs up your configurations each and every time you make a change. This way you will always have your latest preferences saved and accessible.

As far as in the breakdown of your menu list, you will have two separate hot access lists called “recently used” and “frequently used.”

This dual menu structure lets you have a varied use of programs at your fingertips to access and will not always be the same. In fact, you can specify that do not show the same programs for maximum quick access to frequently used and recently used programs.

You have a range of program action modifiers available with SysMenu including Run Item, Open folder, File Properties, RunAs item, Run elevated, and Configure item.

To add plugins for SysMenu, you only to need to download it then run it through the SysMenu options list.

If you want a powerful range of options at your fingertips then you should look no further than SysMenu which replaces the dated Windows start menu with one that is way better for power users.

SysMenu is a tool for robust menu customization that will replace your Windows Start menu. Download it now for free.
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