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Unchecky 1.2

You can never be too safe when you’re downloading new software. The only problem is that some of the free software out there insists that you sit there and constantly click through ads and the like in order to get your download. And some of these click boxes are really well designed. That’s where Unchecky steps into the picture to make life easier for you while installing software supported by ads and networked downloads.

How to Download Unchecky

You can download the program by following the link at the end of this review.

The Program Review

What are some of the ways that Unchecky can help you? For example, some free programs sneak in all kinds of things that load down your computer with semi-malware or straight out malware. We’re talking things that change your browser homepage, your search engine default, add plugins to your web browser, or even give you an entirely new browser.

They’re out there and they piggyback on top of some of the most popular shareware out there. That’s mainly because server space is limited and expensive and letting everyone download something for free just compounds the problem. Yet the other reason has to do with bad actors that don’t have you – or your computer’s – best interests in mind.

How Unchecky Works

Unchecky basically works by automatically unchecking prompt boxes as they appear on your screen. It is adept at deciphering what are prompts for something you don’t want and prompts for some permission that the program needs to continue installing. Needless to say, it makes life very convenient and its level of trustworthiness means that you can rely upon it working with minimal supervision.

Not only that, but Unchecky warns you when a program has certain bad things attached to it. Further, it details what they are and how they can harm your computer. That level of transparency is often a godsend in the IT world because it helps you identify problems before they emerge. Also, it might help you re-create a problem that was unleashed on another system by letting you know exactly what download caused all of the chaos.

Program Updates

Of course, none of this is very useful if you have to frequently update Unchecky and make sure that it is aware of the latest tricks that bad actors out there use. By frequently updating and doing so without prompting, Unchecky stays recent on anything and everything that could possibly harm your system as well as keep it working at optimal levels.

Program Interface

Aside from its core functionalities, Unchecky is easy to use and sports a clean, simple interface. Functions are clearly labeled and you can pretty much intuit what each and every one of them does. On top of that, the releases are usually very stable and bug-free which translates into a smooth download experience.

The Bottom Line

Unchecky is probably a great download for people that love to try out new software but aren’t always sure of the origin of the download. Unchecky keeps things efficient and safe your computer and allows you to focus on downloading whatever you want without consequence. It’s also the segment leader with very little competition in its niche, core functions.

Unchecky is a free and great tool which will let you not install extra (and not needed) components that sometimes come with software. Download it now.
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