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UpdateStar AppCleaner 3.4.7815.23434

AppCleaner is a freeware that removes obsolete files on your computer which includes temporary files, Internet history, cookies, internet logs and many more whilst containing a library of up to 2000 software.

How to Download UpdateStar AppCleaner

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The Program Review

Why is it important to keep your PC clean from digital trash?

Any computer has a large number of programs that co-function to create a working system. Over time, users will replace applications, whereas some may be removed from the system and others may even be left idle and forgotten.

Although these are remnants and aren’t functional, and users don’t use these programs, they still take up space in the hard drive and cause complications through their registry entries that still remain in the PC, even after their deletion. The accumulation of such digital trash will ultimately result in the reduction of performance in the respective system.

How does AppCleaner help its users?

AppCleaner has a wide range of uses built into it by its developers. The software can clean up the digital debris left by a collection of almost 2000 Softwares, and this list only grows larger by the day.

Internet Browsers Cleanup

Many users do not know that their internet browser is one of the biggest exploits of their privacy, as it contains enough sensitive data stored in the form of cookies and other temporary app data to cause major privacy concerns if fallen onto the hands of the wrong people.

AppCleaner helps its users resolve this problem by cleaning their computer of internet browser related obsolete data such as its browsing history, website cookies, Saved form data, and login information. This process frees up space and increases performance with the additional benefit of having reduced privacy violation concerns.

AppCleaner removes browser data from several browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge/ Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera Web

Windows Registry Cleanup

AppCleaner removes Windows related obsolete data, and it also has an advanced registry cleaning feature built into it. This advanced registry cleaner has the ability to remove old and inactive registries saved in the user’s PC.

What is Registry and why is it important?

The registry is similar to a collection or a database that, stores settings and crucial data required to run applications and the Windows system itself.

The operating system has the ability to update the active registries when needed, so it keeps functioning, but it has a handicap when it comes to the removal of outdated registries. These outdated registries can even cause severe complications such as identity theft through the sensitive data stored in those files.

Why not do it yourself?

The existence of a functioning registry is key to a working system, in the event of a mistake when removing registry files, the whole system could potentially break down if a crucial file goes missing (your PC could even refuse to start).

Third-party Software Cleanup

AppCleaner comes with a third-party software removal tool, and with its inbuilt database, users will be guaranteed to be provided with the maximum possible efficiency during cleaning. The removal of temporary data and unnecessary files will clean up your hard drive whilst increasing performance.

How is its software cleaner different from others?

The advantage lies in its large database of software, so AppCleaner has a better chance of supporting the programs the generic computer user has installed in their respective systems.

The Built-in Software Uninstaller

AppCleaner’s built-in software removal tool will ensure that the desired software is removed without the retainment of any digital debris that may clog up the system later on.

How to Set Up UpdateStar AppCleaner

Setting up AppCleaner takes only a few minutes of your time.

  1. Download the setup file.
  2. Follow the instructions and install the application
  3. Run Appcleaner and hit the ”analyze” button located in its Window.

This will begin the initial scanning process. Be patient as this is the first scan done by the program, it can take anything from just a few seconds to several minutes depending on the state of your system and its power.

The user will be provided with a window containing the search results. Here, one can edit the cleaning setting or if you just want the job done, go with the defaults.

After hitting the ”clean” button the progress will be shown, and this may take a while depending on the amount of junk AppCleaner managed to uncover.

At the end of the procedure, a detailed report will be generated. It will note down the specific actions that were taken to remove each individual file.

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements:

  • Intel® Pentium III or comparable Processor
  • Minimum 256 MB RAM (depending on the operating system)
  • 10+ MB free hard disk space
  • VGA Graphics Card with minimum 800×600 and 256 color spectrum
  • Internet connection

Supported Languages

AppCleaner currently supports English, German, Turkish, French, Polish, Spanish, Finnish, and Portuguese. Support for many more languages is on the way.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the software is a valuable addition to the utility kit of any PC owner. AppCleaner has gotten high ratings across multiple software vendors, such as ChipOnline, Instalski, The WindowsClub, Softonic, and many more, thereby proving its worth. The software is free, easy to use with a simplistic design, customizable, and has multiple key features built into it, making it a jack of all trades.

UpdateStar AppCleaner is a tool that lets you clean your Windows-based PC from all kinds of junk. Download it now and save your precious HD space.
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