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Music is what unites us, it is the very glue of society and the makes of VirtualDJ know it. There is a reason why you and I are drawn to musicians, producers, and DJs. Everyone wants to make music, that’s why we create playlists, and mixtape mashes of our favorite songs. The innate human desire to express ourselves musically is everlasting. What if I told you that you could take your love for music to a whole new level? What if you knew you could create your own music at your convenience? Yes, your music experience just got a whole lot wider with the NEW, and groundbreaking VDJ.

How to Download VirtualDJ

To download the latest version of VirtualDJ click on the Download button at the end of this review. Choose between the macOS and Windows versions.

Musician’s Dream Come True

What is the VirtualDJ, you might ask? Virtual DJ is computer software that allows artists and enthusiasts a chance to mix and mash audio and videos and create their own masterpiece.

VirtualDJ provides a way for DJs and musicians to stream their music mixes and mashes straight to the internet. VDJ 8 comes with an inbuilt radio server, which means DJs and general music enthusiasts are equipped to stream right from their laptops.

How exactly can VirtualDJ get all the songs you require for your mixes? Well, it’s quite simple. With your permission after your software download, the software has access to all the tracks on your music folder, the music on your iTunes, and for specific tracks, Virtual DJ allows you to drag files right from your computer. No worries, you can mix and mash all you want! There are no limits to the number of files that VirtualDJ can handle. If you desire a mix of 20 songs, the program is more than equipped to handle it.

Can you imagine being a DJ and having to carry all those wires and equipment every time you are performing at an event? With VDJ, you can say goodbye to wires and heavy audio mixing consoles, mixers, controllers and sets. All you truly require is your laptop, and you’re ready to go.

VirtualDJ 8 is a roaring success among DJs, music lovers, and critics. In both 2010 and 2013, at the Annual International Dance Music Awards in Miami, Florida, the award for Best DJ Software was given to Virtual DJ. In addition to awards, the software has received so countless positive feedback ever since and can ensure you will love this new way of experiencing music, and the unlimited creativity, to mix your favorite songs, and also to new sounds.

If you want to create music, Virtual DJ will let you become a DJ. You will scratch vinyl records, mix tracks, playing more than one song at the same time and apply different digital effects like loops or fades.
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