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Today I am talking about a program/app that I use on pretty much a daily basis and that is Spotify. Currently, I use Spotify on my phone, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. This is the best music platform around for me and even something like Amazon Prime Music cannot match what Spotify offers.

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The Program Review

In case you do not know what Spotify is, let me explain. It is a music platform that has pretty much every kind of music on it you could imagine. On Spotify you will find music from the biggest acts of all time (like Guns n Roses) however, you can also find music from small bands that are just starting out too. It is a platform for pretty much every kind of musician and band and that is awesome.

Spotify has a free version and a premium version. The free version of Spotify is great it lets you listen to the program’s full catalog, but there are some drawbacks. To start with, you can only skip a handful of songs (six I think) each hour. Also, you can only listen to music on shuffle mode.

As the free version is “free” they need to make the money somewhere. The free version of Spotify is supported via ads and these tend to happen every 30 minutes or after so many songs. This may sound like it is not a big deal, but in my experience, they tend to play the same ads over and over again and it can get very annoying. Still, it is free so I guess you cannot complain.

The premium version of Spotify is where it is at in my opinion. With the premium version, you can skip songs as much as you like, listen to the songs in any order and you can even download songs to your device so you do not have to use mobile data. That last feature alone makes the premium version of Spotify the best.

The cost for Spotify premium will depend on the region you are in, but using the USA as an example, Spotify premium will cost you around 10 bucks a month. You can pay for an annual membership. I usually end up getting a few Spotify gift cards for stuff like birthdays and Christmas and that is how I pay for it.

If already pay for various other subscription services, 10 bucks a month seems like a lot. However, I will say that Spotify is by a mile the best music streaming platform out there. If you want to take songs on the go and do not want you to use your mobile data, you need the premium version.

Using Spotify could not be any easier. While you can just go and select an album, what I like to do is utilize playlists. Playlists can last for an hour or some can have tons of songs and last for several hours. You can also listen to podcasts too which is great, in all, I do not see how anyone could not figure this out after just a few minutes.

I love Spotify (even if my account did get hacked!) and think if you love music, it is more than worth the money. If you can deal with the ads and do not mind having to always listen on shuffle, the free version will probably be more than enough for you. There is no reason that the Spotify app should not be on your phone!

Spotify is an audio streaming application that lets you listen to great music and amazing podcast. Download the free version today.
9.5 Total Score
Spotify Review Summary

  • There is a free version
  • I love how many playlists there are as well as making my own
  • The app could not be any easier to use
  • The premium version is well worth the money
  • The ads can get very repetitive on the free version
  • It was very annoying when my account got hacked
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