Audio Players


Editor's choice AudioWeb-5

As someone who works from home 9/10, I have some music playing, a podcast rotting my brain or even an audiobook playing. The idea of AudioWeb is that you have your own personal audio website for ...


Editor's choice Spotify-9

Today I am talking about a program/app that I use on pretty much a daily basis and that is Spotify. Currently, I use Spotify on my phone, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. This is the best music platform ...

MJ Player v. 11/8/2021

Editor's choice MJ_Player-3

MJ Player is a user-friendly media player that is created by Mark Jacobs (check out also his other programs such as MJ Registry Watcher or MJ Browser). It’s a tool that helps to provide all essential ...

Jingleplayer 7.12

Editor's choice Jingleplayer-2

Jingleplayer is a comprehensive utility that helps you to manage and play audio files - jingles. Besides, you can add these jingles to your music and/or create attractive videos. The program consists ...

MediaArchive 7.12

Editor's choice MediaArchive-1

MediaArchive is a tool that helps you to find your favorite songs and videos in no time. This tool also helps to add tags to your songs quickly. Moreover, if you want to categorize your music, then ...

Pocket Radio Player

Editor's choice Pocket Radio Player-02

Pocket Radio Player is Shoutcast- and Icecast-compatible internet-based radio player, which first version saw the light of day in February 2008. It was developed by Stefan Sarbok. PPR is a highly ...

1by1 2.04

Editor's choice 1by1-05

Looking for something to save you from music player bloat? Look no further than 1by1, a streamlined, optimized media player that removes the stuff you don’t need in favor of an efficient, robust ...

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 29.65

Editor's choice Zortam Mp3 Media Studio

Why download Zortam Mp3 Media Studio? If you’re an audio producer, or you just love music, you know how difficult it can be to organize your media library. That’s why most serious professionals turn ...

AIMP 5.03 Build 2394

Editor's choice AIMP-07

AIMP is one of the most popular media players on the market. It was created from the idea to offer a better alternative to Winamp. And it certainly did that for quite some time. The idea with AIMP is ...



iTunes is a freeware downloadable multimedia player from Apple. iTunes is truly versatile because with it you have the ability to play music, listen to online radio, record CDs, catalog your music ...

Audio players are software used to listen to music encoded in a variety of formats. In the past, the capabilities of these programs were limited and the users could use them to simply listen to the songs. Today, however, contemporary applications for playing music files offer much more.

There are several dozen major programs for playing music, which are most often offered to the users of personal computers working on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Also, currently, the development of mobile devices has forced the creation of a version of some programs on the Android operating system.

In addition to playing music, audio players give users the opportunity to stream music to other devices and do a lot of customizations such as applying skins, visualizing music or downloading songs from the user’s disk. In addition, audio players can also automatically adjust the volume of songs, they allow the user to adjust the song speed as well as mark favorite tracks.

Do not forget that the format of the saved music file is important for playback. All players are compatible with the most popular format, which is MP3, but there are also many others such as WMA, RealAudio or Vorbis.

The use of the Internet connection has contributed to the incorporation of various types of network protocols into the music players, which give the possibility of streaming data.

The HTTP protocol is one of the most popular ones, and thus all the players are able to support it, but there are also several others, such as asx or M3U.

Popular audio players include such programs as WinampSpotify or foobar 2000. It should be remembered that many of the audio players can also be called multimedia players due to the built-in movie playback capabilities. An example of such software is iTunes or Windows Media Player.