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Listen N Write Free 1.30.10

There are lots of situations when your primary focus is to listen to an audio piece and then write some of its content. Or even all of its content for that matter. That’s where a tool like Listen N Write shines. If you write transcriptions, you will find that this tool delivers exactly the results that you expect. It can be used to transcribe and also play video as well as audio content as you see fit.

How to Download Listen N Write Free

You can download the program by clicking the Download button located below this review. If you like the tool, check out also another program by Elefant Software – Encoding Decoding Free.

The Program Review

When you transcribe audio content, you need to make sure that you transfer the speech into written words. That can be tricky if you don’t have a solution designed to help you go back and forth in the file all the time. And that’s what Listen N Write does for you. The focus of this tool is to help you embrace the experience and bring in a simple, seamless way to adjust and adapt in a way that works for you.

The main approach with Listen N Write is to make sure that you always have control over the file and you transcribe with the utmost accuracy. And that’s what you are getting here, a very interesting tool to help you control the video or audio file via keys. But maybe the most spectacular thing about it is the fact that it has an integrated word processor.

That tool really delivers on the promise and it will make it easy to write within the app without using a third party too. You want to do that because it offers more value and clarity to the content and you can focus on the process itself without any worries.

Listen N Write also comes with a tool to help you insert time markers. It’s definitely worth the effort, and you will like the fact that you can use video with it too. The app works perfectly, there are no errors, plus you get complete controls and you can easily browse the content as you see fit.

Also, Listen N Write will automatically rewind the audio stream if you press Pause.

This helps quite a lot and it certainly brings in front the best value and experience without having to worry about any issues. It’s certainly the best of both worlds and the quality you get is among some of the best on the market. You don’t need an overly complex tool with lots of bells and whistles, Listen N Write can do all you need and so much more without worrying about anything.

Despite its small size, Listen N Write is one of those tools designed to offer exactly what you need and not occupy a lot of space on your computer.

The app is amazing, it’s a seamless tool for transcribing and it helps immensely regardless of the audio or video file size. We recommend you to give it a try if you need to transcribe content as it does offer all the tools you need and so much more. Give it a try for yourself and test it with both audio or video files, it will work seamlessly!

Listen N Write Free
Listen N Write Free is a great tool for transcribing audio content. Download it now and save yourself tons of your precious time.
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