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Looking for something to save you from music player bloat? Look no further than 1by1, a streamlined, optimized media player that removes the stuff you don’t need in favor of an efficient, robust experience.

How to Download 1by1

To download the latest versions of the program, click on the Download button below this review. You might also want to read our review of another good tool by Martin Pesch – mp3DirectCut.

The Program Review

If you work with a lot of audio media, or you’re just a music fan, the alternative that this software provides you cannot be ignored.

It’s not only a great alternative to the major media players still on the market, but it’s also a full-on replacement for them.

While most people are moving to stream services and other ephemeral channels, audio professionals and those that just love to have control over their music deserve a music player that doesn’t mess around and we think this software is absolutely ideal.

In this article, we’ll tell you about what it’s like to use the app, what some of its major features are, and why we think you’ll love it.

To start, this software is almost a dinosaur in terms of what it offers users but is totally modern and up-to-date in execution.

It’s a simple music player that takes raw audio files in various major formats and plays them one by one, in shuffle mode, or in any configuration specified by the user.

Since it doesn’t need an Internet connection to work, the app is ideal for people who have limited access to a connection and who need to download and play music rather than stream it.

It’s also ideal for people who work with large audio libraries and then need an efficient, quick way to review files that strips down the bloat and drain of other media players and focuses on pure performance.

In terms of the user interface, it’s really stripped down and clutter-free.

Don’t come to this media player expecting a bunch of options.

If you’ll recall former popular media players like Apple’s iTunes, they were really slow and often bogged down when libraries got to a certain size. You don’t have that issue here.

Your library can be as large as you need it to be and the software won’t slow down one bit because it reads files directly from your hard drive, cutting through a lot of the extraneousness that slows down other media players.

There are no ads here and no drains on memory.

We recommend this software for people that need an efficient option for managing and playing audio files.

This could be music or anything that you want really.

For users that want to buck the trend towards streaming and always-connected services, 1by1 is a compelling market alternative that offers the options you want and stable performance.

You won’t crash your system running this media player no matter how large your library of files is.

For that reason, we really recommend it above other competitors in this area because, typically, the larger your library gets, the more likely it is that your system will experience issues.

We recommend you give it a download and try it out for yourself as its out-of-the-box performance largely speaks for itself.

1by1 is a great free music player. Download it now and listen to your favorite tracks and playlists. Works on Windows and Android.
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