A buddy of mine actually told me about Facerig and I thought it sounded super weird. Well, I decided to buy it and see what all the fuss is about. Let me tell, you this is one of the funniest and most ridiculous pieces of software I have messed around with in quite some time. While it may not be a “game” it is still a really good and fun time.

How to Download FaceRig

You can get the game from Steam. To start, click on the Download button below the review.

The Game Review

What the heck is Facerig you may be asking right now? Well, it is facial tracking software that uses your webcam to track your face and then turn you into something fun. There is a pretty solid selection of “characters” ranging from Santa Clause, a hot anime girl, and a weird fox-type thing. My personal favorite is a little white dog in a bowl as soon as I saw this in a trailer, I knew it was what I was doing first.

You can pick what character you want and then the background and make some fun videos. You can send them to friends, upload them to YouTube or just screw around for your own amusement. I am not sure I would say that there is a “point” to this software for someone like me. However, for YouTubers, filmmakers, and creative types I am sure this would go far beyond being just a piece of software to mess around with.

I am not what you would call technically minded, but I found the software very easy to use. It can go deeper than what I did with it and from what I understand you can upload backgrounds and characters. I do not have the talent to do that, but I did feel that there were more than enough things to play with.

I do not have the most powerful PC and I did find that I had to have Facerig and only Facerig running in order for it to be smooth. In all honesty, this is not a huge deal, but it is worth noting. The facial tracking is very impressive and I have no idea the science behind it, but even with my glasses and five o’clock shadow, it picked everything I did up very well.

One thing that I do find weird is the way you can use this software to make money. If you just mess around as I do, you do not have to worry. However, if you are someone who plans to take this seriously and make money from it, you really have to look into buying this DLC pack thing and making sure you are not violating any TOS when it comes to making money with the software.

I have had a lot of fun messing around with this. I feel that the asking price for this software is very reasonable considering what you can do with it. I love sending my buddies dumb messages with me as some ridiculous character, but it could go much deeper than that and that is cool. I really think this is a neat piece of software and it is something I legit have had a lot of fun with.

FaceRig is a program that will profoundly change the way you look on your webcam. Download it now and be prepared for some real fun.
8 Total Score
FaceRig Review Summary

  • Plenty of fun characters for you to play
  • I am surprised the asking price is as low as it is
  • Many different background settings to use
  • If you have the skills, you can create and upload your own stuff
  • It is not as tricky to learn the basics as you would think
  • I am not sure how the whole monetization thing works
  • If they could get some official licenses such as Marvel that would be amazing!
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