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While the series had certainly been popular before this. In my opinion, it was Battlefield 3 that really put this series on the map. What was a PC game, was now a multiplatform game and it was a massive and I mean massive success. I am sure for many people; this was their first time experiencing the series.

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The Game Review

One thing that this series does very well is the campaign. Who the heck plays Battlefield for the campaign might be what some people are saying. However, Battlefield 3 has a campaign that does a lot of things right. It has huge production values and playing as a soldier trying to take down a terrorist called Soloman is great stuff.

For the most part, the campaign is excellent. It is full of exciting set pieces, varied locations, and some pretty memorable characters. The only thing is, the ending… sucks. They did everything else so well, but then they failed to stick the ending which kind of sucks as the rest is compelling stuff.

DICE always makes great looking games and Battlefield 3 is a great looking game! Everything has a high-quality look to it and even the console versions run very well. The sound design is also fantastic with the gunfire sounding ultra-realistic and the soundtrack being just right for what is needed.

The majority of people that play these games play them for the multiplayer and at the time, Battlefield 3 had a tremendous multiplayer. What I like about the multiplayer here is that you really do need to embrace the class you are playing so that your team has the best chance of winning. There is still running and gunning, but I have always felt that this game required a tad more thought than some other FPS games.

You have a fantastic progression system. You unlock new things for your classes as you go and I found it happened at a pretty frequent rate which helps keep you interested. The only thing I will say about this is that back in the day the game would just throw everyone in together and it felt like I was always matched with people who had way better gear than I had!

DICE really brought it with the various multiplayer modes here. Even when the game launched it had an impressive 9 maps to wage war on. I liked how the maps were all different sizes, which forced you to use different tactics depending on the map. As far as the game modes go, this game is stacked.

You have stuff like conquest, rush, and Deathmatch. I would say that no matter your favorite game mode, chances are there is a version of it available here. Playing with people you actually talk to is way more fun than randoms. I say this because a huge part of the fun is working together as a team.

I still feel that Battlefield 3 holds up phenomenally well. While I have enjoyed the Battlefield games that have come since this game, I must admit for me this was the peak. I know that ending sucks, but everything else about this game is great. The campaign is good and the multiplayer is one of the best I have had the pleasure to be part of in a first-person shooter.

Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3 is a first-person perspective shooter game in which you enjoy the multiplayer fights or the single-player campaign. Download it now.
6.5 Total Score
Battlefield 3 Review Summary

  • Even now this is a good-looking game
  • The campaign feels like a movie
  • You have a great selection of multi-player modes to enjoy
  • The progression in the game is handled very well
  • The sound is awesome!
  • The ending of the campaign flat out sucks!
  • The series never quite got to these heights again for me
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