BLOCKPOST is a downloadable first-person shooter game. To explain what it is all about we first need to ask you this question: have you ever played Minecraft? Aside from its unique voxel-based graphics, Minecraft is one of the deepest games ever made – a fact often obscured by its somewhat iconic look.

The fact that any kind of game can be made within Minecraft is just one among many testaments to its enduring ability to enthrall audiences.

One feature that many players of Minecraft picked up on quite quickly was how “battle royale” the whole thing was in its nature.

From the ability to craft swords and armor to later devices as updates progressed, there is little to stop players from having their very own deathmatch in Minecraft.

But what about stripping away all of the crafting and questing and other nonsense, giving gamers nothing but a deathmatch-style, first-person Minecraft-esque shooter in the process?

This was much the inspiration behind the Deathmatch arena game BLOCKPOST.

How to Download BLOCKPOST

You can download BLOCKPOST for free by clicking the Download link below the review. The game is available as a Steam digital download.

The Game Review

Developed and published by Skullcap Studios, BLOCKPOST is one of the most unique-looking first-person shooters you’ll probably ever see.

But make no mistake: This game is as serious as they come.

From varied weapons and armaments to tons of different battle arenas, BLOCKPOST is more than just a Minecraft coat of paint on an Unreal Tournament clone.

Stages are built out through a procedural system, ensuring that no one is going to be able to memorize a map and use camping as a strategy. Further, there are as many as 7 different game modes on offer with variants on each expanding that total.

Yet none of this even compares to the arsenal of weapons on offer in BLOCKPOST.

With over 100 ways to take out your opponents, BLOCKPOST brings violence in spades.

Best of all? BLOCKPOST encourages playing multiplayer with friends and even includes a baked-in clan system for organizing your play with your mates.

In terms of sound and design, the game looks like its spiritual inspiration Minecraft but has looser controls that are more appropriate to a first-person shooter. Minecraft can feel somewhat clunky when moving around but that is not the case in BLOCKPOST. Music isn’t really a factor in this title and there isn’t much to say about it. Sounds, meanwhile, are generic but get the job done.

Some of the weapons sound like rocks hitting a cardboard box and lack the punch you would want out of a gun. Some of the more exotic weapons have equally weird sounds coming out of them although, all in all, a lot more consideration could have been paid to the sound in the game.

That said, the total package presents something unique in an otherwise crowded genre. Fans of battle royale games and voxel-based titles will love this game but those who are looking for something deep like Minecraft won’t find it here. In addition, some people might be turned off by the graphics which can be, through no fault of their own, deceptively childish but that just comes with the territory when a game sports voxels.

BLOCKPOST is a DPS set in a world made of cubes. Download it now and play for free to battle with other players online with over a hundred different weapons at your disposal.
7.5 Total Score
BLOCKPOST Review Summary

  • Intense deathmatch action
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Tons of weapons
  • Not Minecraft
  • Not PUBG
  • Doesn’t do much outside of what most deathmatch FPS games do
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