Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO Action game by Targem Games (published by Gaijin Entertainment) where players must build their unique creations from a multitude of parts to create the ultimate killing machine. Players are put forth into arenas trying to survive the wasteland while destroying and salvaging the most they can, all in hopes of rising among the ranks to be known as the greatest.  The game is available for Windows and for the consoles: Xbox One and PS4.

How to Download Crossout

In order to download the game click on the Download button which you will find placed towards the end of this review. The game is free to play, however, you will be able also to download some paid addons called packs. These are Frostburn, Wild Hunt, Snake Bite, Arsonist, The Tramp, Arachnophobia, Pandemic, Wasteland Warrior, The Inventor, and Iron Shield pack. Such DLCs contains additional armored vehicles, weapons, character portraits, cabins, paint cans, increased number of vehicle parts and in-game coins.

The Game Review

Machinery for your machines can be found as spoils of war from battles or crafted to be used for your own master build. Additionally, players can trade their parts to others or sell the finest of their creations at the auction house the game features. The freedom of creativity is even more pronounced as there are no “wrong” ways to build your machine of destruction. This intricate building system is also the gem of Crossout as the 3D plane that you are given to build on is not bound by specific parameters that truly allows for an infinite combination not bounded by specific attached requirements per vehicle, with the exception of the physics of how much the base of your machine can hold. In short, anything can go with any one part. Create any size of machine that fits the playstyle and needs as long as it can destroy. Extra DLCs can also be found to aid in creating the most destructive machine ever imagined.

Crossout’s combat realism comes from its “advanced damage model” where every hit counts. Damage taken to your machine will be felt as any destroyed part will affect the performance of its combat, maneuvering, etc. immediately. Crossout also boasts a huge arsenal of weapons. You will enjoy chainsaws, power-drills, rocket launchers, and machine guns.  On top of this, there will be stealth generators and flying drones. So whether you like to ram into people and hack them down bit by bit, run amok with machine guns all over, or perhaps take the battle from afar with explosives and long-range artillery, Crossout has just the right parts for you to be found throughout its wasteland.

Crossout has been said to look very similar in concept to the popular movie Mad Max with its storyline and art. A plague known as Crossout had turned the world upside down and into chaos.

Over the years to the present setting of the game, with nothing much left of the past, the planet had become a no man’s land where no one is safe and everything up for grabs. Moreover, the rustic art style of maps and machines help evoke the wasteland feeling that goes back to the Mad Max similarity some have pointed out. Apart from its stylistic elements, the gameplay is alternatively similar to World of Tanks, where its combat and matchmaking mechanics can be observed to be quite similar for those familiar with the title.

Crossout is an action MMO game set in a post-apocalyptic world. In the game, you build and then combat other machines. All the fights are between armored vehicles. No infantry! Download the game for free now and enjoy the clashes of fire-spitting giants.
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