Dead Space

What do you get when you combine the survival horror of Capcom’s Resident Evil series with the atmospheric horror that is outer space? You’d get 2008’s Dead Space, a rare gem of a game from publishing behemoth Electronic Arts, which you can download for your PC or console.

How to Download Dead Space

To download Dead Space click on the Download button below the review. It’s worth to know that the game two more parts. Dead Space saw the light of day in 2011, while the second part was released in 2013. There were plans for the fourth game in the series but it was never released. Visceral Games was acquired by EA and the series was put to a stop.

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The Game Review

Developed by EA Redwood Studios (now Visceral Games), as the name implies Dead Space is a survival horror game set in outer space onboard a space station overrun with extraterrestrial creatures.

Called necromorphs, these reanimated human corpses are all that stands in the way between player protagonist Isaac Clark and escape. As is part and parcel with the genre, there are different types of necromorphs that have different skills and tactics to defeat them.

Armed with a projectile weapon, the player aims to disarm – literally – the attacking enemies using a concentrated pulse of energy. Unlike many games, Dead Space gets rid of the traditional overhead display and instead integrates this information into the game’s world.

Player health is shown by an indicator that runs along Isaac’s spine while ammunition and other information is displayed holographically in the world. Another change from other games is that the player remains completely vulnerable while checking out information the various heads-up displays. Usually, the action is paused when a player is accessing a menu, but in this game, everything occurs in real time.

As we stated earlier, defeating enemies in the game involves taking off their limbs. There are various strategies to be employed while doing this. Depending on the enemy’s abilities, Isaac might want to focus his fire in a different location than others, for example.

One element that makes combat interesting and unique when compared to other games in the genre is the appearance of zero-gravity environments. In addition to a primary fire, most weapons also have a secondary firing ability as well.

Of course, you don’t have to just use guns but they are the most effective. What melee options that are on offer here become pretty much pointless later in the game. Ammunition can be recovered from the spaceship itself or from fallen enemies. In addition, there are stores that dispense it as well as crafting workbenches where players can improve their weaponry.

Graphically speaking, Dead Space still holds up well nearly a decade after its release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But where it truly shines is in the audio and music departments. Here, Dead Space borrows heavily from Hollywood epics and does an amazing job at creating a terrifying, immersive atmosphere. Reminiscent of the Metroid Prime series in many ways, this is is a masterful game in terms of action adventure and survival horror.

Dead Space
Dead Space is a science fiction horror game. You play as an engineer who fights animated human corpses aboard a mining spacecraft. Download the game and try to survive.
9 Total Score
Dead Space Review Summary

Commonly known today as being a type of Resident Evil in space, Dead Space does an excellent job at combining intense action with a considerate and gripping story. Using all the tricks in the book when it comes to presentation and atmosphere, Dead Space remains a modern classic and is one of the better IPs to crawl out of the last generation of console gaming.

  • Atmospheric horror in space
  • Totally different from games like Resident Evil without being obnoxious
  • Awesome storyline
  • It takes time to become used to the interface
  • Game seems unnecessarily hard at times and some missions can be annoying
  • If you don’t like sci-fi you might not enjoy Dead Space
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