Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 is a third-person shooter massively multiplayer playing game. The game was released in July of 2018 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 as a sequel to Defiance which was available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game was initially set up to be a pay to play the game however, it ended up being a free to play the game to increase user accessibility. It was developed and published by Trion Worlds.

How to Download Defiance 2050

To download Defiance 2050 you can use either Steam or download the Glyph installer from Defiance 2050 website. It will let you also play Defiance, Atlas Reactor, Rift, ArcheAge, and Trove. To proceed to click on the Download button below.

Character Creation

As the game begins, we have to create our own character. Once we select the option to create, we are shown some back-story to the world of the game. We are told about an alien race known as the ‘Voltans’ who initially came in peace to find shelter but have been caught up in a war against the humans for decades.

We are introduced to Captain Grant who seems to be the general in command of the operation being carried out, and Von Bach who is a scientist. After a tension fueled argument between the two, Captain Grant orders his troops to be prepared and that is when we cut out of the story and begin to create our character.

We have a number of race options to select from. These include human male, Irathient female, Castithan male etc. After selecting our race, we can select a specific class of skills for our character. These include the assault class, the assassin class, the guardian and the combat medic. The next thing we get to select is the skin of our character tone and voice, followed by creating all of our character’s feature such as hairstyle, facial hair, nose type, tattoos, face paint, etc. After we have created our character we have to choose a name.

Defiance 2050 – the Story and the Gameplay

Our ship crashes and we are left stranded with most of our crew dead. We figure out that we have an Environmental Guardian Online (EGO) device injected in our character’s body, presumably by Von Bach. The implant acts as a tutorial guide in the game and our first mission is to look for Von Bach. The story mode of the game continues with the EGO device guiding us along the way.

We can carry equipment and we find a small chest from which we can get weapons. The story mode of the game works with the help of the online device inside us but this game has a multiplayer mode that functions much like games like Fortnite and PUBG. However, unlike those games where all the players start out equally, in Defiance 2050 you have an EGO level that shows your level in the game. The higher it goes the better your character plays in the game. You could have an EGO level of 20 and be put in the same fight as a person with an EGO level of 500.

We cannot take weapons from our opponents in the game, we have to select a total of 2 guns from our inventory and that can only be changed when our character dies. The in-game mechanics seem rigid and takes a while to get used to.

Defiance 2050
Defiance 2050 is a third-person MMO shooter game which you can enjoy on Windows, PS4 or Xbox One. Download it and enter a science fiction open, persistent world.
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