Destiny 2

An online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game from the team behind Halo, Destiny 2 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One continues the tradition of 2014’s Destiny and offers large-scale online player in a gameplay style that is reminiscent of Bungie’s and Activision’s other titles in a marriage of FPS-gameplay and an MMORPG-style setup. The game was released in 2017

How to Download Destiny 2

The game is available in PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store. The PC version can be downloaded from Blizzard shop. You can download Digital Deluxe Edition or the add-ons Expansion I: Curse of Osiris and Expansion II: Warmind. 

The Game Review 

The game also has strong lore and aesthetic that combines fantasy and science fiction. Similar to Activision Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, Destiny 2 has both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment elements as the foundation for its gameplay. In addition, as it is an online-only game, Destiny 2 features regular events and limited-time challenges. 

Of course, like in other MMO games, there are specialities and loot galore with various tiers of gear and weaponry.

Exploration of the planet is encouraged through a semi-free roam mode that emphasizes interaction with non-player characters and finding out more about the planet involved. This is a new feature that is a change from the first game where NPCs only appeared in shared social spaces. 

As with the first game, this MMO FPS features expansion packs with the first being released in December 2017, The Curse of Osiris, and the most recent launching in May 2018, Warmind.

Another marked change from the previous game is a more fleshed out and engaging story. For those fans of the first game’s atmosphere, much of that returns in the sequel. Praised for its world-building and immersive nature, the first Destiny game set the stage for much of Destiny 2 which only further adds props to the theater.

Akin to Halo in terms of gameplay but also borrowing heavily from MMORPGs, Destiny 2’s gameplay varies from the generic run-and-gun level to the more objective oriented style scenarios.

This is not a surprise given one of the biggest criticisms leveled at Destiny was in its lack of variety in terms of game modes and options. 

Nonetheless, for those gamers that enjoy loot, it is tough to beat Destiny 2 as it continues the traditions of its forebear in providing tons of things to collect. And with an expanded inventory, Destiny 2 encourages digital hoarding on an even greater scale. In this way, the game is similar to Blizzard’s Diablo 3 but Bungie attempts to make upgrades meaningful and does this by tying them more deeply into the lore of this title in an immediate way. 

In many respects, this MMO is also akin to the Borderlands series, albeit with online gameplay instead of the narrative experience found in those games.

Featuring bright, beautiful graphics that will remind you of the Halo series, this science fiction shooter stands out among a crowd of ultra-realistic, gritty shooters that often dominate the scene.

While online play dominates much of the Destiny 2 experience it is a way more friendly game for solo players than the previous entry. Gamers who loathe online play should not avoid Destiny 2 as there are portions of the game where you don’t need and will probably not encounter another player. That said, the online multiplayer is at the heart of the franchise and provides much of the soul of the game.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 is a science fiction multiplayer-only FPS with a lot of RPG elements added to the mix. Download it and enjoy PvP and PvE battles, Become a Guardian and level up.
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