Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb is a team-based, online FPS that pits players against each other in team-based firefights to see which of the two sides is the strongest. Originally released in June 2015, Dirty Bomb was developed by Splash Damage, the same team behind Brink, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. This developer has never shied away from an online FPS, and that shows with this game also.

Download Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb (former name Extraction) can be downloaded for free from Steam. However, there are also paid downloadable expansions such as Dirty Bomb – All Merc Pack and other so-called Packs:

  • Obsidian Operative,
  • Squad Pack,
  • Small Rad,
  • Medium Rad,
  • and Large Rad,

Dirty Bomb Review

Even though the game is developed as an online-only experience, it does, in fact, have some backstory. At an unspecified time, a radiological bomb goes off in the heart of London, causing a deadly gas to be emitted across the capital, slowly killing everything in its way. After evacuating the city of civilians, the government creates a task-force to secure the gas and prevent any knowledge of the event reaching the rest of the world. Despite their attempts, a group known as the Jackal wishes to seize this opportunity to make use of the governments equipment and potentially put the gas to work for them. Throughout the game, it’s an eternal struggle between each faction to see which side wins; although, ultimately, the story has a next-to-no impact on the game whatsoever.

Just like any other FPS on the market, the gameplay is very familiar in comparison to most shooters out there. All the player has to do is aim, shoot, reload, and use abilities when necessary. The game takes clear inspiration from other hero-based shooters on the market, as each hero has their own unique set of abilities. Some abilities can be used in an aggressive, offensive manner, and other are purely situational, such as Phoenix’s, which allows him to revive after being killed for the first time.

Players can acquire different weapons to use in the game, but it isn’t as simple as creating a personalized loadout. Instead, each character has their own set of weapons that are exclusive to them, and through pre-created loadouts, the player can pick and choose the ideal loadout for them to have the weapons that they want. In terms of the main objective whilst playing online, it typically revolves around a very objective-focused task that both teams aim to complete. The first team to complete the objective will win that round and take the victory!

When it comes to the comparisons, some of the clearest inspirations come from games like Borderlands and Brink, their previous title that used many of the same ideas. Since it came out before games like Overwatch and Paladins, the inspiration hasn’t been taken from either, but fans of both will find plenty to enjoy with this one.

Anyone that enjoyed Splash Damage’s previous FPS games are going to find a lot to play around with and enjoy in this title. It’s a completely free-to-play hero-based, objective-focused shooter that has a lot to offer for all of its players. The game has a lot of different content that makes each match in the game unique, and with Splash Damage regularly updating the game, there’s even more to enjoy from this fast and frantic shooter.

Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb is a free to play game in which you have to restore peace in after a nuclear event. Download tge game and enjoy FPS shooting.

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