Dreadnought is a free downloadable combat flight simulation game developed by Six Foot and Yager Development. The game is published by Grey Box and was officially released on 5th December 2017. Dreadnought features a spatial environment where players get to control and maneuver unique battleships.

The main aim of the game is for the players to destroy their opponents’ ships by shooting them with different weapons depending upon the situation. The game is available to play on the platforms of PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

How to Download Dreadnought

You can download Dreadnought from either Steam or PlayStation Store. To start, hit the Download link below at the end of the review.

The Game Review

Dreadnought is a game which offers both single player and multiplayer modes to choose from. Regardless of the mode, the game mainly focuses on the players and their chosen ships that are used for battles. The player is given the responsibility of being the captain of an extra-large spaceship.

Although the goal relatively seems simple, the game is quite complex in the sense that every attack needs to be well strategized in order for it to be effective. The ships are quite massive in size which makes it difficult to shoot with precision.

Additionally, as part of the battle, players are also required to maintain their defenses by avoiding and blocking out their opponents’ attacks. Players receive a limited amount of power points before the game that they can allocate to numerous parts of their ships depending upon their strategy.

Players can either go completely on the offense by allocating the points to their weapons or opt for a defensive strategy by putting up extra power in their shielding mechanisms.

One of the major aspects of Dreadnought is how it allows players to select from five different classes of ships, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The classes to choose from consist of Dreadnought, Destroyer, Corvette, Tactical Cruiser, and Artillery Cruiser. Going deeper into the class system, the number of ships to choose from roughly go beyond 60. Every ship is essentially unique as it offers different levels of offense and defense.

Apart from controlling their own ships, players are given the responsibility of a whole fleet in terms of strategizing their positions. The game largely focuses on teamwork, particularly in the multiplayer mode which makes it even more difficult as the AI is replaced with human players as teammates. This means extreme coordination is required by the players if they want to defeat their opponents.

Dreadnought is an action game in which you command enormous space battleships. Download it for free and win in science fiction conflicts of epic proportions.
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Dreadnought Review Summary

Overall, Dreadnought is a very complex game to play. It was surprisingly received with very negative reviews despite its very detailed graphics as well as intense gameplay. Regardless, it offers a very wide experience in terms of its gameplay complexity and precision.

  • The game is free-to-play and requires no additional costs to download
  • Realistic graphics enhance the gameplay experience
  • Multiplayer mode allows players to team up with their friends
  • A wide range of ships to choose from, meaning that numerous strategies can be considered
  • The game is too complex, particularly for those who are new to the strategy genre
  • Too many redundant features
  • No real storyline to follow which eventually makes the game boring to play
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