Far Cry Primal

For a company that sometimes gets accused of just releasing the same game over and over again, the downloadable title Far Cry Primal does show that Ubisoft sometimes can take a chance. This is regarded as a spin-off and not a main game in the series, but clearly, a ton of effort went into Far Cry Primal.

How to Download Far Cry Primal

You can download Far Cry Primal from Steam. To start, click on the Download button below. And if you like games set in Stone Age check out also the strategy title Dawn of Man.

The Game Review

As the name suggests, Far Cry Primal is set in the Stone Age. The game sees you play as a caveman called, Takkar who is part of a tribe called the Wenja. He wants to make sure that the Wenja are the dominant tribe in the land of Oros and that is basically the premise for the game.

Far Cry Primal has two other main tribes that also want to lay claim to this land and this is where the conflict lies. Especially when you consider what we got in Far Cry 4 and especially Far Cry 3. As a result, the game lacks a bit of the theatrics that the previous games in the series have had.

The setting of Oros is fantastic and one of my favorite locations of any Far Cry game. They have made this region very diverse and it features areas like large and wonderful forests and ice-covered sections too. So, there is quite a bit of diversity in the land that you will be traversing.

For me, the best thing about Far Cry Primal is the taming of the beasts! The game features some pretty standard animals like bears and dears. However, the setting of the game also allows for things like saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths and these crazy rhinos! You can fight these beasts as you would expect, but the taming mechanics are where it is at and having a companion saber-toothed tiger is awesome.

The actual gameplay of Far Cry Primal is straight up Far Cry. You will be going from place to place, taking it over and having it as part of your tribe’s settlement. You can get more people to join your tribe and you do this by saving them from things in the wild which is a lot of fun. The more people in your tribe the better as they can help with your resources.

Speaking of which, crafting plays a pretty big part in Far Cry Primal. There are no guns here as it is the stone age. Instead, you need to use things like clubs and spears for close combat. You can also make use of bows and slingshots for ranged attacks. The weapons will break down, but as you progress you get more and better-quality weapons that you can use.

The main story and the side quests are going to take quite a while to get through and I had a great time doing it. While the story may not have been as good as in the past games. Playing as Takkar and trying to get your tribe to be the number one tribe is a premise that I enjoyed. I just wish a bit more effort went into the main villains.

Far Cry Primal is one of the more interesting games in the series. I love the idea of taking Far Cry and setting it in a radically different time. It is something that I really wish Ubisoft would take a chance on again actually. Without a doubt, Far Cry Primal is a game that is well worth checking out.

Far Cry Primal
Far Cry Primal is a first-person shooter set in an open prehistoric world. Download it now and set off for an adventure,
8 Total Score
Far Cry Primal Review Summary

  • The world is very diverse
  • Takkar is a pretty cool character
  • Taming prehistoric beasts is really cool
  • Close quarters combat is a lot of fun
  • Watching your tribe grow is cool
  • The main villains are not the best
  • A few graphics glitches here and there
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