Green Hell

Green Hell is a new downloadable 1st person survival game that was recently released on Steam on the 29th of August 2018. The game was developed by Creepy Jar, a team that is only known for this current development. Green Hell thrusts you into the throws of the Amazonian rainforest, a near-impenetrable prison, where the greatest fear is the unknown itself. Every corner could mean your demise, or it could just be the way out and a return to civilization once more!

How to Download Green Hell

You can download Green Hell from Steam. Simply click on the Download button at the end of the review. At the time of writing the title is no longer in early access but is still available only on Windows-based PCs. There is no version of Green Hell for Xbox One or PS4. Let’s hope that these platforms will become available later.

The Game Review

The Premise

In Green Hell, the game starts off with you entering the Amazonian rainforest in the hopes that your partner, Mia will be able to get into an indigenous tribe to learn more about them. As the days progress, things aren’t looking so good for Mia and it’s your job to go out and find her in this dense, humid rainforest. Throughout your journey, you’re going to want to keep yourself well-stocked on items and ensure that this place isn’t going to become your tomb.

The Gameplay

With the game playing like a typical FPS title, there isn’t too much nuance with the general controls of the game. You walk around with WASD and you look around with your mouse, nothing too complicated, but where the game changes things up is with the survival mechanics. To keep yourself alive, you’re going to need to explore around the rainforest in the search of resources, so that way you can create different items and whatnot to keep yourself alive. Throughout the game, you’re going to need to eat, drink, rest, and keep yourself safe from many of the dangers that plague the rainforest – primarily through the use of melee combat.

A big part of the survival aspect of the game is taking care of your wounds, injuries, and potential diseases. Just like in real life, a place like the Amazonian rainforest isn’t exactly the cleanest place on Earth and can prove to be deadly to one’s health, something this game tries its best to convey. As you explore the rainforest, you might get unlucky enough to hurt yourself in some way or contract a disease, and as such, you’re going to need to take care of it as best you can, all with whatever resources you can find. Failing to find some sort of fix for these issues will quickly lead you to your demise, requiring you to start from scratch.

Other Games Like Green Hell

In terms of comparisons, Green Hell takes a clear inspiration from games like The Forest and Subnautica, where survival is the main focus, along with the unknown environment that you’ve found yourself stuck in. In all of these games, everything is unknown and must be learned through the player’s own exploration, and that’s something Green Hell tries to convey to the best of its abilities.

The Bottom Line

For anyone that’s looking for a new survival game to sink their teeth into or they’ve been enjoying The Forest, but want something a little different, then Green Hell is the ideal game to pick up. It offers a lot to the player on the whole and makes for an enjoyable survival game overall.

Green Hell
Green Hell is a survival game with a setting in the Amazonian rainforest. Download the game and try to survive in beautiful yet harsh environment.
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