Let me start by saying that this GTFO review is of a game that is still in early access. What is quite surprising is just how bug-free this game is considering the early stage it is still in. Think of games like Left 4 Dead and the Zombies mode in Call of Duty and you will have a basic idea of what to expect with GTFO.

How to Download GTFO

You can download the game from Steam. Click on the Download button located below this review.

The Game Review

The game sees you play as part of a four-person team. Your team is sent into this subterranean facility where something has gone wrong. So far, the game only has 6 missions for you to do, but they are a lot of fun to play. Each one has you going deeper and deeper into this facility and you do actually feel like each one is deeper underground.

The facility is kind of cool and has a real tech gone wrong kind of vibe to it. Actually, it kind of reminds me of the facility from the first Resident Evil movie. In this facility are these creatures that are known as Sleepers and let me tell you, you better let them sleep as when they are aware of your presence all hell breaks loose.

You can sneak around stealthily using melee attacks or a particular loadouts special weapon (like this one that kind of freezes them) to take the Sleepers down. More often than not something will go wrong and they will be alerted to your position and start to swarm on you. There are other instances where you need to open a door or something else and an alarm will start ringing!

As far as being a first-person shooter goes, GTFO is very tight. The controls are great and I think that there is a decent selection of weapons. However, in this early access state, there is no actual progression to the game at all. Instead, you are just playing it over and over again for fun. It is a good thing then that the game is actually a lot of fun to play.

Each map of this underground facility is the same, but the placement of lockers and so on is randomized. This lets you know the lay of the land, but at the same time, you are never sure of where everything is. I like his approach and it means even when you screw up a run, you will at least have learned a little bit of the map.

I really think that Left 4 Dead and Zombies in COD are the best comparison. You can try and play on your own, but you will not get far. Working as a team, planning what you will do and being there for each other when the poop hits the fan is what this game is all about. It is a fun time even more so if you actually know the people you are playing with.

For an early access game, GTFO is showing a great deal of promise. While the game is a bit bare-bones as of right now, I still think it is a very fun FPS experience. I am very excited to see what they are going to be adding to the game in the coming weeks.

GTFO is a co-op first-person shooter game with elements of horror. Download it now and explore the monster-infested underground.
9 Total Score
GTFO Review Summary

  • The idea of the game is really cool
  • The Sleepers are super creepy
  • The gameplay is very challenging but rewarding
  • Playing with friends is a great time!
  • I love the way things can go wrong
  • Might be a bit too punishing for some
  • So far there is no real progression to be had at all
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