Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden is a downloadable game released for Windows PCs. It is a first-person shooter created in retro style. The studio behind the game is Voidpoint, while the publisher – the famous 3D Realms (ex Apogee Software) renowned for such titles as Terminal Velocity, Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem. It is worth mentioning that Voidpoint employs people who introduced numerous modifications to the popular Duke Nukem 3D game and who were the creators of the EDuke32 project.

Download Ion Maiden

To download Ion Maiden, click on the Download button at the end of the review. Ion Maiden can be downloaded in a digital version from or Steam.

The Review of Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden (not to be confused with heavy-metal legend Iron Maiden) is a prequel of isometric shooter Bombshell which was released in 2016 by Interceptor Entertainment.  In Ion Maiden, the setting is the future, while the players are tasked with controlling the mysterious mercenary Shelly Harrison, whose alias is Bombshell (the eponymous character of the previous game). Shelly, unsurprisingly, is supposed to fight a large army of aliens who want to conquer the Earth.

Ion Maiden is released on a PC with Windows (and can be run also on SteamOS with Linux) builds upon the established game mechanics of such classic titles as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior or Blood. The player sees the in-game world word is therefore observed – as you can guess – from the first person view with the eyes of the heroine. The game focuses on fighting the alien extraterrestrials. Obviously, as a player, you have at your disposal an extensive arsenal of weapons, and each of them has a so-called alternative shooting mode, which can be activated with the right mouse button. The game maps are huge and have man branching paths. It is also worth knowing that a large part of the environment is interactive, and Ion Maiden has been packed with numerous and quite interesting secrets.

The game is only available in single player mode. It should be also noted that Ion Maiden is offered to people over the age of eighteen. There is no shortage of blood and drastic scenes. And you should be on guard as there could be an alien just around the corner wanting you dead.

As has already been mentioned the game takes inspiration from a handful of the old PC FPS games. Ion Maiden was built on a modernized version of the engine which Duke Nukem 3D run on, and thus the title draws many level design ideas from the immortal classic. The game is all about dynamic combat, and you can be sure that the levels will not let you be bored.  Ion Maiden is a science fiction game. So if you’re a fan, check it out.

Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden is a shooter that fans of first-person Doom old-school clones will love. Download the game and feel like in the 90s. Take part in a bloody extermination of the aliens.

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