Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a computer game that is a mix of horror, puzzles, and adventure. The main character is a little girl called Six, who is wearing a yellow cloak and a hood on her head. The game starts at the moment when she wakes up in a travel bag. She doesn’t know why she is there and how it happened. She tries to get out of this place, moving all the time to the right as it befits a platform game. This strange complex, in which she is located, is a weird ship called The Maw. It is full of dangers and repulsive creatures that are very aggressive and pleasant o look at. There are also special statues hidden in The Maw. By collecting them and breaking them, the player unlocks new items in a gallery. Six has no way to defend against opponents because she is only equipped with a lighter. To get out of this world of horror, she must sneak in the darkness, quietly, so as not to attract attention with unnecessary noise.

How to Download Little Nightmares

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The Gameplay

The road to freedom is full of dangers because the heroine is small in contrast to everything that surrounds her, and also because many doors are closed, while the information how to go through them is usually well hidden. Getting to know her requires perceptiveness and cunning. Six must be very careful because one wrong step is enough for her to fall into a precipice or be crushed by a piece of furniture.

Every event or situation in which the protagonist participates tells a separate story. The game is also full of puzzles that are carefully thought out and planned. Each puzzle is thematically related to the location in which it is found.

During her journey, Six visits strange places, such as a room with a hanged man, or witnesses strange events or meets weird beings – for example a group of gentle creatures that she releases from a trap.

The girl must find light in the dark and the strength to overcome her weaknesses. She’s doing this, to survive among the monstrous inhabitants, such as the terrifying Chef or the spooky Janitor, and finally escape to the world outside.

Little Nightmares is a game in which it’s in vain to look for a story or dialogues, and the music appears only at the end. The atmosphere of horror is enhanced by the sounds that accompany the heroine during the journey. They are usually creaking, panting, murmurs, or loud heartbeats. The whole game is submerged in a dark graphics which are a reflection of childhood fears.

This game has been developed by Tarsier, the creators of the Little Big Planet series. The game reminds of such titles as Limbo and Inside. Little Nightmares original title was Hunger.

Little Nightmares is a 2.5D platformer. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and on personal computers running Windows.

Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares is a survival horror platform game in which you have to solve a lot of puzzles and overcome your childhood fears in order to win. Download the game now. Do not be afraid.
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