Mad Max (2015 video game)

Mad Max is a downloadable open-world sandbox, with a heavy focus on driving and upgrading both Max and his car, the Magnum Opus. Developed by Avalanche Studios, the same team behind the popular Just Cause franchise, which just goes to show the team knows how to create a fun action-adventure title.

How to Download Mad Max

To download the game click on the button below the review. You should know that the game is based on the classic 1979 movie with Mel Gibson playing the eponymous Max.

The Game Review

Originally released on the 1st of September 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the game was originally designed to be released alongside the 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road but ended up being delayed and released four months later on in the year, despite not being directly connected.

The Premise

In Mad Max, you take on the role of Max, a quiet, yet brooding protagonist that wishes to do nothing more than to survive these harsh lands that have already claimed the lives of both his wife and daughter.

On the run from a particularly nasty individual, Max gets caught up in some trouble and is left for dead in the desert wastes; left with nothing, not even a single scrap of his beloved car. In a bid of revenge and for the sake of fixing up a newer, stronger, incredible piece of vehicular technology, you roam the wastes doing odd jobs and slowly making it towards your end goal: escaping to the Plains of Silence in the hope of finding relief from the madness.

The Gameplay

In Mad Max, you’re never short of things to do. Throughout the game, there are a wide variety of side missions and objectives to complete, new car parts to acquire, better equipment for Max, and plenty of upgrades to acquire along the way.

A lot of the gameplay is split into two parts: driving and fighting. When you’re in your car, you have a lot of different options, such as ramming, boosting, and even shooting out of the window as you trail along the open wasteland. Things are never that easy for Max, as pretty much everyone you come across wants to ram your car into the sand and strip it for parts.


Outside of the driving and all of the vehicular combat that you’ll be taking part in, there’s also the brawling and beat-em-up style of the on-foot combat that plays quite similarly to something like Batman’s Arkham series of games.

Combat is relatively free-flowing and satisfying, but on the odd occasion where you’re not quite feeling like you want to fight someone, simply press a button and you’ll fire a shotgun blast in their direction, usually killing them. Ammo isn’t all that plentiful, but there’s enough to make using the shotgun each time you do a satisfying endeavor all the same.

Games Similar to Mad Max

In terms of comparisons, Mad Max takes the GTA formula of building a fun, open-world sandbox to play around with, while having many of the same activities that games like Assassin’s Creed have, such as discovering the map through certain viewpoints spread throughout the game.


Mad Max
Mad Max is a post-apocalyptic open-world action-adventure. Download it to live your life as a warrior in the Wasteland.
9.5 Total Score
Mad Max Review Summary

Anyone that enjoyed either the Mad Max film that came out that same year or simply want a slightly different take on the GTA formula in a post-apocalyptic world that while can be a bit plain at times, is enjoyable all the same.

  • Great environment overall to explore
  • Fun vehicular and brawling combat
  • Colourful cast of characters that you won't forget in a hurry
  • Story is fun, but is quickly forgettable for the most part
  • Has almost nothing to do with the franchise in regards to the story
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