Mini Battlegrounds

Instantly reminiscent of games like Diablo and Pillars of Eternity, the isometric perspective found in the downloadable battle royale title Mini Battlegrounds serves to give the player a full field view so that they can handle threats and opponents as they come along.

How to Download Mini Battlegrounds

You can download Mini Battlegrounds totally free from Steam. To begin just click on the Download button located below this review. If you enjoy the battle royale genre you should definitely download and check out also other hits, the mobile hits PUBG Mobile, Zombs Royale or the desktop Realm Royale and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

The Game Review 

So what’s the deal, exactly?

When it first hit the streets back in 1997 the PC gaming world had little idea of what it was getting itself into. 

Of course, we’re talking about Grand Theft Auto, the quintessential overhead run-and-gun game from the late 1990s that has since become a multimedia titan.

Spawning a style of gameplay that can best be described as maniacal, GTA is legendary for breaking down barriers in what a video game should do and be. 

Needless to say, this style of game has not waned in popularity and has even increased in many respects.

That’s where Mini Battlegrounds comes into play. 

Mini Battlegrounds Gameplay 

Though not overwhelmingly violent or mature on any level, Mini Battlegrounds still sticks to the intense knuckle breaking action you’d find in action games from an isometric perspective. 

To put it simply, this battle royale is all about defeating opponents you encounter on the battleground which could be anything from a city street to a house. Though violent at its core the title mitigates this with an art style that is reminiscent of a kid’s game. This also serves to underline the basic absurdity of the gameplay but that’s another thing entirely. Basically, the game never takes itself too seriously even though you will find yourself taking it deadly serious indeed. Developed and released by IOA Games, Mini Battlegrounds revels in its simplicity and chaos and invites others to do the same.

The Graphics in the Game 

Graphically the game resembles a set of toy models or even legos. By that, we mean that everything has a slick, almost plastic-like polish to it, with shimmery surfaces and sharp lines dominating. This gives everything a Playskool look that is quite jarring at first but eventually begins to make more and more sense when you realize the game’s engine doesn’t miss a beat. 

Often teams have to make a choice between big, beautiful graphics and ultra tight, fast gameplay. Here IOA Games has chosen the latter to the title’s benefit.

The Sound and the Controls 

Towards this end sound and controls are on point and tough to beat. The team really took time to perfect the mechanics of the game and it shows through and through. You can have an excellent concept, but poor execution can destroy it and IOA Games seems intimately familiar with this concept and this title never gets too caught up in doing things that don’t work in the in-game world.

Mini Battlegrounds: the Game Modes

Though the game is very much focused on providing a solid single-player experience where it really shines is in its multiplayer and cooperative modes.

The Bottom Line 

Though part-and-parcel with many games in this genre, co-op brings a new element to Mini Battlegrounds that changes strategies somewhat and almost makes it a new game. Everything is better with a friend, right? The game proves this in its robust and fully-featured multiplayer mode.

Mini Battlegrounds
Mini Battlegrounds is a battle royale game just like Playeryknown's Battlegrounds but with an isometric perspective and cartoonish graphics. Download it now and enjoy multiplayer actions.
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IOA Games
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