Here is a game that has been in development so long that I forgot that it existed. Miscreated is an open-world survival game that is really going to test your skills as there is so much going against you in this game. Miscreated 1.0 was finally released on 18 December 2018 so what better time to see how the game is going than now.

How to Download Miscreated

You can download Miscreated from Steam. There is also a DLC called Iron Son’s Cache which contains cool weapon skins and some other goodies such as wallpapers, artwork, music and game maps to be printed out.

The Game Review

The story behind Miscreated is that there was an epic war and now mankind has to do what it can to survive. People have turned on each other, animals have gone super feral and the weather has gotten all crazy….. oh and there is also the fact that due to the war, much of mankind has turned into these disgusting mutants that would love to kill you or at least eat your face.

Clearly, games like Day-Z are what Miscreated draws a lot of its inspiration from. The game starts by spawning you in at a random place on the map. Speaking of the map, the map is not all that large so you may not want to pick a server that is jam-packed with other players when just starting out.

Exploration and survival are what Miscreated is all about. You will need to go and scavenge around to try and find supplies, weapons and more. The crafting in the game is very simple and easy to get to grips with and that is pretty good actually

I think that as long as you do not get killed right away, Miscreated is easy for new players to get into. You, of course, start the game with nothing. Finding food, drink and other things is hard as there are tons of things that want to kill you. There are many different vehicles that you can use as well which can come in real handy, but I wish the vehicles would let you load them up with supplies to take from one place to the next.

Miscreated is pretty stingy with its loot and that is by design, it makes things tenser, but at the same time, I can see why it makes the game more frustrating for people. It is very annoying when you spend a couple of hours getting some cool stuff, only to be sniped by someone you did not see and lose everything.

The zombies, mutants, or whatever you want to call them, look pretty cool and they are very ruthless. However, they are nothing compared to the other players. Very, very rarely will you come across another human player who will want to help you.

This is a game where most people seem out for themselves. Of course, you could play with a friend, but the chances of you spawning in at the same location are next to none and they do not even give you a map at the start! So finding each other can be very tough.

One aspect of Miscreated that I think is really cool is the weather effects. This is actually a great looking game in general, but I think the weather effects are what make it stand out from all the rest. The way the weather has an effect on you, the wildlife, the mutants, and the land is really cool and ads another element of strategy to the game.

It has been reported that the community for Miscreated is not the best and that the devs are “toxic” to be honest, I just played the game and was not focused on any controversy with the developers.

The Bottom Line

Miscreated is not an original concept, but it does what it does very well. This is one very hard game and ideal if you like hardcore survival games that are brutally tough. It is not brutally tough because there is something wrong with the game, that is just the way it is.

New updates are going to add farming and other cool features to the game so it will be interesting to see how Miscreated progresses. I think it is worth checking out, but only if you like very hard survival games and are not easily frustrated.

Miscreated is game set in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested open world. Download it now and enjoy the multiplayer survival action.
7.5 Total Score
Miscreated Review Summary

  • It is a nice looking game
  • Mutants are really gruesome looking
  • Weather effects are very well done
  • It is a very challenging game
  • Requires a lot of skill to progress
  • Maybe too frustrating for some
  • Hard to find your friends in the game
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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