My Hero One’s Justice

My Hero One’s Justice is a downloadable 3D anime-styled fighting game from the developers over at Byking. The game was released on Xbox One, Switch, PS4, and PC on the 23rd August 2018 and some of the developer’s other titles include the Gunslinger Stratos series. My Hero’s One Justice takes many popular manga characters and brings them all into this arena fighter to duke it out and discover who the greatest hero out of them all truly is.

How to Download My Hero: One’s Justice

To download My Hero: One’s Justice click on the button which is located at the end of this review. My Hero: One’s Justice Review can be downloaded from Steam, PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Store.

There are also DLCs which you can get:

  • My Hero One’s Justice Playable Character: Pro Hero Endeavor,
  • My Hero One’s Justice Playable Character: Deku (Shoot Style),
  • My Hero One’s Justice Mission: O.F.A Deku Shoot Style,
  • and My Hero One’s Justice Mission: Above and Beyond Endeavor.

The Game Review

The story for the game takes a page out of the anime and manga’s book by effectively repurposing the story arc of the show into the main game itself. With the story starting just after Deku begins his training with Gran Torino, the game follows on along this particular arc, alongside the introduction of a completely unique and original plot that allows you to play on the side of either the heroes or the villains, depending on your preference.

Playing like many other 3D anime fighting games, the gameplay focuses on easy to pick-up and play controls, all the while having the player pull off satisfying combos and team attacks. Alongside your usual attacks to create combo’s and allow for special moves, you can also have up to two different sidekicks next to you to pop out at the press of a button. With this, it allows for the extension of combo’s or at the very least, a sudden enough attack on the enemy to open them up for an onslaught of attacks.

Inside the game, you’ll find a story mode, a mission mode, general online gameplay, and even a “What If” scenario for true fans of the show. The only unique mode being the What If game mode allows players to start using a certain character during a particular moment of the story and see what they’re up to.

This is more designed to add an extra little bit of detail to the story, without taking too much away from the main case; something fans of the show prior to the game will enjoy. There are a vast number of characters to choose from – either heroes or villains – and all have their own animations, special attacks, and general gameplay to them to stop them from feeling too repetitive in comparison to the rest.

Easily one of the biggest comparisons for the game would have to be the Naruto series of fighting games. My Hero: One’s Justice takes a lot of the same gameplay ideas, such as epic, anime-style effects and animations, along with the 3D fighting arena style of gameplay. There’s even some clear inspiration from the earlier Dragon Ball Z Fighters games, before FighterZ was released.

My Hero One's Justice
My Hero: One's Justice is a superhero fighting title featuring anime characters. Download it now for some hot action with heroes and villains.
8.5 Total Score
My Hero One's Justice Review Summary

Anyone that's found themselves as a fan of the show or simply enjoy 3D anime-style fighting games are going to find a lot to enjoy in this game. There's plenty of content, with an enjoyable story mode to enjoy as well. Although, if you've never seen the anime or read the manga, it might be a little bit difficult to get into the story at times.

  • Fun, addictive, and satisfying gameplay
  • Enjoyable selection of characters to keep things interesting
  • Epic anime-style flair to the game makes it a satisfying experience overall
  • Story can be hard to enjoy if you haven't seen the show
  • Story mode is told in Japanese, so you're forced to read subtitles during gameplay
  • Some characters are more fun than others
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