Phantom Thief Celianna

Brought to you by the same publishers that released Treasure Hunter Claire and President Yukino comes the downloadable title Phantom Thief Celianna from Kagura Games, a stealth action anime game that involves breaking into places and stealing treasure is based upon a Japanese title of the same name.

How to Download Phantom Thief Celianna

To download the game, click on the link below the review. Phantom Thief Celianna can be downloaded from Steam. The publisher offers also an uncensored patch.

The Game Review

Kagura Games, for its part, serves as a localization and domestic publisher for these Chinese market games. Actively involved in translating both Japanese role-playing games and manga graphic novels since 2010, gamers can expect that Kagura Games will give them something as close as possible to the original Japanese.

As is often the case with these games (which tend to be heavy on dialogue and story), translation matters a lot. Not only does Kagura Games specialize in bringing Japanese media to English-speaking audiences but they also translate them for the Chinese market as well. As one of the leading providers of translated doujin games, Kagura Games is known for their willingness to work with publishers, devs, and the community to deliver the best product possible.

As is the case with Phantom Thief Celianna.

Ostensibly a stealth action game set in a hentai mold, the game involves puzzles, traps, enemies, and treasure. As a band of Robin Hood-like thieves known as the Cat’s Punch, players will rob from the rich and give to the poor, all while doing in high-style anime girl fashion.

There is the matronly leader, Twelve, along with Moon and the title character, Celianna. Equipped with magical suits that amplify their abilities, these three “chivalrous” thieves are out to right the wrongs of the world. 

Sequences, where players are stealing treasure, are presented in a typical top-down JRPG fashion with graphics that mimic those found on a PlayStation-era game. Combat is interesting as players will discover. Do note that many of the scenes in the game are of an adult nature. This title does not hesitate to show genitalia, male and female, as well as a variety of sexual positions and situations. Of course, you’re probably no prude if you’re looking up a hentai game, but we still have to throw that caveat in there. 

In terms of the overall experience, however, Phantom Thief Celianna is a quality package. The artwork is well done, the transitions between gaming sequences is quite seamless, and the disarming quality it has in presentation could be a great first-time game for people who have not played a hentai title before. Indeed, it looks like a great SNES classic until tits pop up.

Phantom Thief Celianna
Phantom Thief Celianna is an anime stealth action game. Download it to see the adventures of three beautiful thieves.
8 Total Score
Phantom Thief Celianna Review Summary

  • Great graphics and a quality of presentation that is noteworthy
  • Pretty interesting story and situations
  • Really great translations
  • If you don’t like hentai games, then move along
  • Not much to do outside of having sex with everything
  • Some things are more comical than sexy and can even get disturbing at points
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