Ravenfield is a downloadable FPS game from a developer known as SteelRaven7, a developer known solely for this game, at least for the time being anyway. Originally released into Early Access on Steam on the 18th May 2017, the game is constantly being updated and slowly getting closer and closer to its full release. Ravenfield takes everything that you’d love from your average FPS title and makes it exclusively for single-player experiences, with no multiplayer to speak of.

How to Download Ravenfield

You can download Ravenfield Beta 5 for free by clicking the Download button below the review. You can also get the improved early access version from Steam.

The Blue-Red conflict in Ravenfield reminds us Ancient Warfare 2 battle simulator which you should also download (for free) and check out.

The Game Review

With no real story to speak of, let’s focus on the visuals instead. The way the game is visually designed is that of a simplistic nature. Character models are effectively faceless polygons, but the weapons, on the other hand, have plenty of detail thrown onto them, at least in a simplistic manner. Instead of the models having a vast amount of detail, the weapons have just enough details applied to them to look like their real-world counterparts, without seeming as if they’re ripped straight from something like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

The way the game plays out is in these scenarios called battles, where depending on the battle you choose, you’ll be partaking in some sort of battle. Some of them are realistic recreations of real events and others are nothing like it. Once you start to play, you play the game like a regular FPS game where you aim, shoot, reload, and take objectives, depending on the map – very much like many other FPS games.

What the game does completely differently, though is the complete lack of multiplayer and is purely focused on the single-player. Everything that happens in this game, even the large-scale battles are all played out in single-player with many other AI-controlled allies and enemies, making for a unique overall experience.

Outside of the usual gameplay loop, you can take the battle to land, sea, or sky. There are a number of different vehicles to pick and choose from, all of which have their own specific uses. Some of them are used to get troops to and from different areas on the map, whereas others are designed to completely decimate the opponent. Not really considered vehicles, but there are also different encampments on certain battlefields that have set-up heavy weaponry, such as fully automatic machine guns in certain areas of the map to make holding out that much easier for the long run.

Easily some of the biggest comparisons for this game is a mix-match of Call of Duty and Battlefield, although the majority of the inspiration comes from the Battlefield franchise. This can clearly be seen from the variety of weapons and vehicles in the game, something the Battlefield games have been known for at this point for quite some time now.

Anyone that’s enjoyed Battlefield or Call of Duty but wanted to experience them without having to worry about the stresses of online multiplayer, Ravenfield is a great single-player title that offers everything a competitive shooter would, without the stresses of playing online throughout all of it.

Ravenfield is a first-person shooter game. Download the game and with your army or blue soldiers destroy the red enemy. You can fight on the ground, in the air, and on the water.
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