Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 is a downloadable animated battle simulator. In the game, you command a squad of fantastic blue warriors who fight against the equally brave red ones. You can choose between different modes and game options. The direct competitor of this title is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. The game was produced by JNI-Games from Germany, which is the studio lead by the developer Jannik Nickel. Ancient Warfare 2 was published on November 25, 2016. The game is free.

How to Download Ancient Warfare 2

To download Ancient Warfare 2 version 0.9 Update 6, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available for Windows, macOS or Linux. You can get 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.

There is also a paid successor to AW2 – Ancient Warfare 3, which can be downloaded from Steam.

The Game Review

The game is based on the premise of creating a battlefield with two armies (blue and red), commencing the battle and watching what ensues. An interesting solution is the possibility of choosing your side and conducting the assault on your own. The game can be played from the third and first-person perspectives.

Ancient Warfare 2 is nicely animated. It looks simple but it is very well made and the effect is pleasing to the eye. The 3D technology perfectly reflects the spirit of the game, and at the same time, the graphics presented in this form simply look good.

The Weapons

Ancient Warfare 2 offers you a large number of weapons such as swords, axes, maces, ranged weapons, bows, siege machine, and even animals. The game also allows you also to fight melee-style.

In the game, you can also collect weapons that have been left on the battlefield by your opponents.

Two Game Modes

The first of the two main gameplay modes, which is the campaign, you can fight using the first-person view. The main part of the game begins when the Red Army destroys the Blue Army. You are the only survivors and your task is to reclaim the kingdom which is now ruled by the enemy army. In subsequent stages, the story develops and you unlock new levels.

Going to the second mode – the sandbox battle creation tool – you can do basically whatever you want. When creating your battle you can make a massive amount of choices. You start with an empty area where you can put almost anything – grass, snow, military towers, castles, trees, battle units and what have you.


When deploying your army, you have various types of troops – pikemen, archers, men-at-arms, and knights. You can have any number of units on the battlefield. This gives you a lot of opportunities and fun. This way you can create two powerful armies and then observe as they are attacking each other or laying a siege to a castle which has just a handful of soldiers inside fearfully looking at the countless hordes of invaders.

How to Play Ancient Warfare 2? The Tips

The web is full of guides and walkthroughs for Advanced Warfare 2 so if you want to achieve mastery in the game be sure to have a look at some instructional videos. This will certainly facilitate the game.

Ancient Warfare 2 has a large group of fans and has collected good reviews. The main advantage according to enthusiasts is the playability and gameplay that gives endless possibilities

Hardware Requirements for Ancient Warfare 2

The minimum system requirements are a dual-core processor 2 GHz, Directx 9.0c, 600 MB RAM and 50 MB free disk space.

Ancient Warfare 2
Ancient Warfare 2 is a sandbox in which you can create spectacular battles. Download the game for free and watch the confrontations of the blue and the red warriors.
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