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SCP: Containment Breach Unity Remake just as the name suggests, is a revamped version of the SCP: Containment Breach game which was initially released in 2012. Both the original and the remake are free but the remake is a work in progress and successive builds are still being released. That game is all about bringing you a variety of horror elements that you have to overcome. At its core, the title is all about offering a little sci-fi as well as plenty of interesting stories that you will enjoy.

How to Download SCP: Containment Breach Unity Remake

You can download the game for free by clicking on the Download button which you will find at the end of this review. if you like the title you should also check out another SCP Foundation-inspired game SCP: Secret Laboratory which is also free to download.

The Game Review

As you play the game, you will be pursued by a variety of hostile SCP units that want to eliminate you. That sounds scary, to begin with, but it gets even more and more challenging as you go along. SCP Containment Breach has randomly generated rooms. What this does is it adds a breath of fresh air to the experience and it brings in front amazing experiences and fun gameplay every time.

Rooms are split into three sets, you have the light containment zone, the heavy containment zone, and the entrance zone. The nicest thing here is that you have a variety of hallways and rooms that are seamlessly attached to one another. But no two game experiences will be the same, and that’s what really makes SCP Containment Breach stand out.

SCP Containment Breach also has survival elements in it, which makes it very interesting and quite different when compared to other titles like it. The game always encourages you to push the boundaries as you try to find the best features and experiences. In addition, the horror element gets very intense each time you play. It does go to show that every time you play you can enjoy some outstanding moments, and these are getting even better as you go along.

The game is all about exploring the region and surviving as much as you can. It does a very good job with the entire experience, and it only gets better each time you play it. There are a plethora of items you can use as you play, and many of them are designed to make the process simpler and more convenient for you.

The SCP Containment Breach Unity Remake port is basically a port of the original indie game to Unity. What this does is it offers you a much more comprehensive way to explore the world. The Unity engine offers more details. And they also added new content like new encounters, items, and SCPS as well.

But this is not just a port. They are adding in modern assets and systems are upgraded too. This is designed to make the game experience a lot more rewarding and interesting, which is exactly what you want to have from something like this.

SCP Containment Breach Unity Remake is a great remake of the original, and the fact that it expands on what the other title built is impressive. The game tries to make the SCP Containment Breach legacy live on, all while allowing people that want better graphics and a more stable engine to play this marvelous title. It’s a great title to play, and one that you will like quite a bit as you play.

SCP: Containment Breach - Unity
SCP: Containment Breach Unity Remake is a new version of free horror video game. The goal of the game is to escape from an underground laboratory avoiding being killed by the monstrosities that have been set free. Download the game and show you're up to the task.
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