Seeking Dawn

Seeking Dawn is a multiplayer survival VR adventure game set in outer space. The game costs $39.99 on Steam and the minimum requirements of the game include windows 7, an Intel Core i5-7500 processor, 8GB RAM, an internet connection and a virtual reality set. The game was developed and published by Multiverse and released in July 18 of 2018.

How to Download Seeking Dawn

You can download Seeking Dawn by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. You will enjoy it Oculus Rift and HTC Vice, as well as on Windows Mixed Reality headset. Support for PSVR is not yet confirmed.

The Game Review

As the game begins, we find ourselves already immersed in the surreal graphics and environment of the game. We interact with Captain Coleman who briefs us about our situation after making some small talk. We are then instructed about the controls of the game by a robot. We are told about the basic functions of the game, i.e walking, sprinting. To sprint, while walking, we have to move our arms back and forth. We have the option to enable auto sprint in the systems menu. As we get the hang of the controls, we get to roam around the ship. We find ourselves on a mission where we have to retrieve critical equipment from an alien location. Captain Coleman is in contact with us as she informs us that the tech teams are looking for solutions.

Once we land, we can roam around. We are told that we are not far from our destination and Captain Coleman sends us our coordinates. We come across creatures on the way and we get to shoot at them. This helps us get used to the shooting mechanisms. As we continue our search, we find ourselves deep in a cave surrounded by spiderlike creatures. The closer we get to our destination, the number of hostiles increase. Our journey continues through the planet and we are faced with more uncertainties.

We can find health kits in equipment boxes scattered throughout the area. There are special zones where we can purchase new weaponry. From our selection of items in our inventory, we can change our weapons or even eat burgers. We come across a creature that is a hybrid of a lizard, a dragon, and a rhino. Another creature we come across has the characteristics of a monkey. We even encounter other soldiers who are on the planet for their own reasons.  As we move further ahead, we find all kinds of landscapes on this planet. We start off in a gloomy forest and as we move further, we find ourselves in deep caves and impeccable mountains.

The game does have its fair share of issues, but it is an immersive experience for the player. The graphics are brilliant and a cut above many other virtual reality games. The most exciting feature of the game was the multiplayer aspect of it which makes it one of the very few virtual reality games with that feature. Seeking Dawn is one of the few virtual reality that has taken the next step in the future of gaming by including a campaign mode for the player.

Seeking Dawn is a fun game for players who can appreciate a good FPS game. The shooting mechanism is smooth and functions nicely.

Seeking Dawn
Seeking Dawn is a virtual reality game in which you as a soldier explorer an alien planet with tons of enemies to shoot. Download it now.
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