Soulcalibur VI

What happens when you give the fighters in Tekken a selection of weapons to take into the arena? A game like the Soulcalibur series, one of Namco’s oldest fighters that is also one of the most beloved by people who remember the classic Soulcalibur II on Sega’s ill-fated Dreamcast. This time we’re talking about Soulcalibur VI.

How to Download Soulcalibur VI

You can download Soulcalibur VI for Windows from Steam, for PS4 from PlayStation Store and for Xbox One from Microsoft Store. To start downloading hit the Download button below the game review. The cool thing about this edition of the game is that you will be able to control the Witcher Geralt, the White Wolf mage/warrior from the famous RPG series.

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The Game Review

Consistently churning out flashy yet compelling games, Soulcalibur distinguishes itself from Namco’s Tekken games. It does it not only with weaponry but also in a flashy approach to world history that takes all of the insanity of the Tekken lore and throws it into the character design.

After all, take one look at Voldo and you’ll see what we mean: Voldo’s character makes about as much sense as the entire Mishima corporate saga. That said, what Soulcalibur lacks in normality it has always made up for it in terms of solid gameplay and Soulcalibur VI is no exception.

A resurrection of the iconic fighter, Soulcalibur VI from Project Soul and Namco looks to position the fighter for a modern, eSports audience and hopes to attract the type of gamer who not only loves fighting games but has an eye out for the competitive circuit. One new mechanic introduced to the series by Soulcalibur VI is something called the “Reversal Edge” which is a quick riposte that slows time and dramatically shows off the player’s counter-attack.

Known for combos and flashy special moves, Soulcalibur VI incorporates these elements into the game in a novel way without being distracting as they could sometimes be in the past.

The slow-motion effect, as opposed to the rainbow halo effect in past games, is not only welcome but a much-needed breather from the otherwise intense action of the match.

Drawing upon characters from different epochs in history, the weapons in Soulcalibur VI are as varied as the characters themselves and people who are turned off by traditional fighting games often find a lot to like about Soulcalibur VI’s system. From Ivy’s chain sword to Voldo’s hand blades, there is a weapon for every style and playing preference. Maintain distance from your opponent using Kilik’s staff or get up close and personal with Sophitia’s sword.

The variety on offer for players is pretty immense. Like most fighting games, Soulcalibur VI has a narrative though it is about as crazy as the character design and is going to be tough to follow for people who haven’t played previous games and discovered the lore in those titles.

While a necessity, the lore in Soulcalibur VI feels more tacked on than ever before but this was never a focus of these games. Where Soulcalibur VI shines is in its tight gameplay and beautiful graphics offering players an epic, next-gen fighting game experience. Fans of the franchise would do well to give Soulcalibur VI a shot but newcomers will also find a lot to enjoy in this game.

Offering a level of depth some fighting games lack Soulcalibur VI also resurrects the classic feeling of the arcade with its intense, compelling action.

Soulcalibur VI Characters

We have already mentioned Geralt of Rivia, Kilik, Ivy, Sophitia, and Voldo. Here’ the list of all the combatants in the game.

  • the ax-wielding Astaroth,
  • Azwel, a tall purple-haired and purple-bearded scholar, with his mystic weapon being a pair of gloves,
  • the conquistador Cervantes de Leon,
  • the slender Chai Xianghua with her pointy sword,
  • Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher who carries two swords and uses magic signs,
  • Grøh, a mysterious eye-patched warrior with a double saber,
  • Inferno, the evil demon wielding Soul Edge,
  • the buxom Isabella Valentine (Ivy), with a deadly whip,
  • Kilik, a warrior with a staff,
  • Maxi, a fighter in white, a master of nunchaku,
  • Helshiro Mitsurugi, a Japanese warrior who carries a katana,
  • the barbaric knight Nightmare,
  • Raphael Sorel, a French musketeer carrying a well-balanced rapier,
  • Seong Mi-na, aka Daughter of the Bladed Rod, carries a naginata,
  • Siegfried Schtauffen, a blond long-haired male knight with a two-handed sword,
  • Sophitia Alexandra, an Athenian female warrior carrying a short sword and an elk shield,
  • Taki, an adept Dual Kodachi ninja master, a black-0haried female in bodysuit which makes her curvy body shine,
  • Talim, a very short but swift and deadly Asian Dual Tonfa-Styled Blades wielder,
  • Tira, an evil female with her ring blade,
  • Voldo, an armor-clad knight with his arm blades,
  • Yoshimitsu, aka The Original Mechanical Ninja, a master swordsman who wields a double katana,
  • and Zasalamel, aka The Dark Side of Karma, a warrior with an enormous scythe.

Soulcalibur VI
Soulcalibur VI is a fantasy fighting game with a great cast of formidable characters. Download it now and choose your warrior.
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