Star Wars Battlefront II

Who hasn’t imagined themselves as a Star Wars character, battling it out as either a representative of the Empire or the Rebel Alliance? In the downloadable first-person shooter game Star Wars Battlefront II, the player not only gets to live out the dream of being an SW warrior but also can visit all of the famous vistas introduced in the films.

How to Download Star Wars Battlefront II

To download the game click on the Download link provided at the bottom of the page. You can download the game from the Origin platform. Its predecessor Star Wars Battlefront (2015) is also available.

The Game Review 

First published in 2017 by Electronic Arts and developed by EA Dice, this TPS is the sequel to the uber-popular Battlefront and iterates on that title’s gameplay while putting a gloss of nearly cinema-realistic graphics on top of everything.

An action shooter, as the name implies Star Wars Battlefront II puts you in the role of various SW universe characters and gives you access to their respective powers at the same time. This means that if you are Darth Vader, for example, your moves set will mirror the skills associated with him as a character. This gives players a ton of options for how they play the game and each character offers a different take on the core gameplay.

Unlike the 2015 reboot of Battlefront, the game features a full, single-player campaign mode. This mode has a narrative and helps the player get their feet wet before exploring the world of the online competitive play. Sporting a completely customizable class system, Star Wars Battlefront II hews closely to the archetypes it establishes with the main roster but the inclusion of even a superficial customization option is a welcome addition.

Taking its cues from the prequels, original trilogy, and the modern movies, Star Wars Battlefront II features a ton of settings that look ripped straight out of the movies themselves. The fidelity to what was shown on screen is impressive and a calling card of the game.

Arcade mode and the name put on the multiplayer aspect of the game can be played online or offline with customizable game modes available in each. The offline arcade mode most likely will appeal to new players who don’t really know what to expect in the online-based matches. Not only does this supplement the story mode in terms of establishing gameplay conventions, but it also helps give players some idea about what online will be like.

And when it comes to online, multiplayer modes, this sci-fi shooter has a ton of them on offer, including Galactic Assault, Starfighter Assault, Strike, Heroes vs. Villains, Blast, Jetpack Cargo, Ewok Hunt, Hero Showdown, Extraction, and Hero Starfighters.

In terms of sound and music, it should come as no shock that the game draws heavily from John Williams’ Star Wars oeuvre and the sound effects are also taken straight from the films. A lot of the appeal of Star Wars Battlefront II is in how well it recreates the feel of the movies and “simulating” being there yourself.

Star Wars Battlefront II
Star Wars Battlefront II is an action game set in the famous science fiction universe. Download the game now and set out on an epic adventure which includes tons of first-person perspective shooting.
9.5 Total Score
Star Wars Battlefront II Review Summary

The whole package is tightly honed and well developed. It is only a shame that its release was marred by a loot box controversy, among other things. We think Star Wars Battlefront II is a great multiplayer game and, best of all, it’s a quite awesome take on solo as well.

  • Be any of your favorite Star Wars characters and engage in epic battles
  • Almost photorealistic at times in terms of graphics
  • Sounds, music, and voice acting are all on point
  • Plagued by microtransactions
  • Single-player mode is incredibly shallow
  • Multiplayer isn’t as compelling as it could be
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