We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a downloadable action-adventure game developed by Compulsion Games. The game was published by Gearbox Publishing and was released on 10th August 2018. In this game, players get to choose and play from three characters, each of which begins with a separate initial storyline. The main aim is for the players to make their characters complete their personal tasks before they escape from the in-game city of Wellington. We Happy Few is available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

How to Download We Happy Few

You can download We Happy Few from both GOG.com or Steam. You have a choice. You can also put your hands on the Season Pass which provides you with access to all the DLCs. Last but not least there is the Deluxe Edition which contains the base game and all the downloadable content. To proceed, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

We Happy Few Story

The game is set in an alternate timeline of World War II where it is explained how the United States did not join the Allies, leaving the United Kingdom to fight off the German forces alone.

The storyline displays how the Germans had won the war against the United Kingdom, allowing the Nazi army to occupy their country. Based on this, the three playable characters – Arthur, Sally, and Ollie – set off to fight through the illusion in order to seek the truth.

Each of the three characters has their own unique abilities and specialties that can be implied throughout the storyline. The only common perspective between the trio is that all three of them want to escape the town.

Arthur Hastings works on censoring and approving old news articles from Wellington Wells’ Department of Archives. Arthur is overall a stable character who is an expert at crafting weapons. Then there is Sally Boyle who works as an experimental chemist in her own private laboratory.

Naturally, Sally is an expert when it comes to infusing chemicals which can prove to be useful throughout the game. The last playable character, Ollie Starkey, excels at physical power, giving him an edge when it comes to melee attacks.

The Review

One of the main aspects of this game is Joy: an addictive drug which causes one to hallucinate. The players, throughout their game, have a choice whether to consume Joy or not.

If they induce the drug, the player’s character gets to see the town with a more colorful and cheerful vibe with the addition of walking by unnoticed by the other citizens. Without consuming Joy, the players will get to see the town in its original war-torn state.

As the game progresses, players can collect melee weapons, items, food, and drinks. The special abilities of some characters even allow players to combine chemicals together to create healing items.

The storyline itself is divided into different quests which the players are supposed to follow. There are two types of quests namely, primary and secondary quests.

The primary quests are based directly on the storyline and need to be completed in order to proceed. Secondary quests are optional but upon completing them, players are rewarded with in-game money and useful attributes.

The in-game money can be used in exchange for purchasing resources such as food whereas, the attributes can be used to gain an advantage within the game such as access to a particular safe house.

Overall, We Happy Few is a very smartly designed game which requires players to make careful decisions in order to progress. The game was initially criticized for its promotion of excess drugs however, the sophisticated gameplay still makes it very entertaining to play.

We Happy Few
We Happy Few is an action title with a dystopian setting of 1960s. Download this unique mixture of a survival game, roguelike RPG and adventure game now.
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