Adolescent Santa Claus

Adolescent Santa Claus is an anime-style visual novel game developed by TALESSHOP Co., Ltd. Released on 30th June 2018, the aim of the game is to simply go through it and enjoy the story. The player’s character is constantly in conversation with the female Santa Claus and the only aim is to complete that conversation till the very end. The game is available to play on the platforms of PC, Android, and iOS.

How to Download Adolescent Santa Claus

To download the game click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game can be downloaded from Steam, Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This is a free download in each case. If you’re fond of free anime visual novels you should also definitely download and try Doki Doki Literature Club!

The Review and the Gameplay

Adolescent Santa Claus is a very basic game. It is available to play in only single player mode and the only playable game mode available is the campaign version. The overall game is very small and can be completed within one hour. The game starts off as the player character wakes up in his room to see a young teenage girl standing beside him.

The player is surprised to see a stranger who reveals herself to be Santa Claus. Upon asking why Santa is a young girl appearance, she explains how the school uniform she is wearing is sort of a disguise which will prevent her from extinction.

The young Santa explains how she is here to take back the presents she once gave to the player’s character when they were a child. She further says how the rest of her kind have become extinct that she is the last Santa surviving. After asking what she requires in the form a present, she simply answers the gift of hopes and dreams.

The player’s character is portrayed as somewhat of a dull personality who has given up on life so consequently, they claim that they have no hope or dreams for Santa to give. The female Santa explains how all those kids who received gifts when they were kids are in debt to Santa and must return them their gifts with added interest.

After a mild argument between the two, the player’s character promises that they will gather hopes and dreams and will also motivate 13 other people to do the same, resultantly paying back Santa next year at the time of Christmas. The young Santa agrees as she disappears as soon as Christmas day comes to an end.

The game is much like an anime novel book and the only actions players can take is to go through the conversation that takes place between the two. The game does, in no way, feature any sorts of violence, action, or even interaction.

There are only two characters namely, the players themselves and the young Santa. One of the best features of the game is that it can be played even through the most outdated PC. The game only consists of a basic conversation with minimal graphics taking place.

Overall, Adolescent Santa Claus is a game which is very basic in its nature. The game features no such exhilarating or action scenes but merely a conversation between two people. For anyone who loves anime stories, Adolescent Santa Claus is a game which can fulfill their anime entertainment needs.

Adolescent Santa Claus
Adolescent Santa Claus a free anime visual novel with a Christmas setting. Download the game and be prepared for a surprise.
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