Apsulov: End of Gods

With a name like Apsulov: End of Gods, you probably think this is some kind of strategy game. That could not be further from the truth as this is a survival horror game with one of the most interesting settings, I have seen in quite some time. Mixing Norse mythology and sci-fi, this is a game that will excite and scare you all the way to the end.

How to Download Apsulov: End of Gods

The game can be downloaded from the digital stores such as GOG (for example via their tool GOG Galaxy) or Steam. Click on the Download button below the review to start.

The Game Review

I really do not want to spoil the story too much, but here are the basics. In the “future” there is a mixture of science and the old ways and mankind has moved underground to “please the gods” where there is this ancient power. You play as a female protagonist who wakes up with no memory, but you know all hell has broken loose. You are not just trying to survive, but also figure out why your memory is lost.

The atmosphere really is the icing on the cake. The whole game has a real uneasy feeling about it and never knowing what is good, what is bad and who you can trust keeps you on edge. I found the game to have a similar kind of feeling to games such as Outlast and SOMA, two games I hold in very high regard. It is a very story-driven kind of game and that is a huge reason why I was so hooked.

Presentation-wise I love the world they have created. Apsulov: End of Gods is actually made by a small indie team, but I love the detail in the environments and the creepy characters you come across. The way that they have blended science fiction along with Norse mythology is very clever and kind of reminds me of Thor…. But with a Tim Burton/Stephen King twist.

Gameplay-wise, this may not be what you are expecting. This is a survival horror game, but stealth is the key here. The game only gives you one “tool” that you can use and this can be made better thanks to the energy cells that you can get. There is no character progression that you may expect and most of the time, sneaking around is the way to go. You may have to fight, but running, avoiding and hiding from enemies is the way to survive.

The game has a rather strict save system which may annoy some people. You cannot just save when you like and have to do it at these alters. These are not exactly close together so it can be frustrating when you die and are sent back a fair bit. I get that this is to make you more cautious with what you are doing, but it can still be frustrating.

There are different difficulty levels here so while it is a challenging game. You can play around with the difficulty and find an experience that works for you. I really like this as I feel the narrative is something most people would enjoy. There is also an extra difficulty level you can unlock as well as an alternate ending so there is a reason to play through the 8-10-hour campaign more than once.

I really enjoyed my time with Apsulov: End of Gods. It is a fantastic survival horror game and the Viking/sci-fi setting makes it very unique. Usually, a game like this is for a very certain type of gamer, but I feel the way it lets you tweak the difficulty makes this one of the more accessible survival horror games. I have a feeling this will go down as one of the pleasant surprises of 2019.

Apsulov: End of Gods
Apsulov: End of Gods is a horror adventure game with Vikings theme. Download it now and be prepared for some serious jump scares.
9 Total Score
Apsulov: End of Gods Review Summary

  • A very interesting mix of Norse mythology and sci-fi
  • The story makes you want to keep on playing
  • Encourages stealthy gameplay
  • Nice amount of difficulty problems
  • The campaign is worth playing multiple times
  • Save system is rather punishing
  • Some crazy jump scares!
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