Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox is an escape game developed and published by Rusty Lake. The game is the tenth edition to the Cube Escape series and the thirteenth game overall developed by Rusty Lake. The game follows the story of detective Dale Vandermeer whose main goal is to escape from the universe he is currently tracked in. The aim of the game is for the players to search for clues and items which can eventually lead them to their freedom. The game is so far available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows and Android.

How to Download Cube Escape: Paradox

You can download Cube Escape: Paradox from Steam. You will download the game by clicking the Download button below. The base game which contains the first chapter is free, however the DLC Cube Escape: Paradox – Chapter 2 should be paid for.

Cube Escape: Paradox is a game-movie crossover. There is 15-minutes long movie that accompanies the game and which you can watch here – embedded below.

The Game Review

Cube Escape: Paradox is a single-player game based on a 2D environment. The game only features a single campaign mode where players traverse through the storyline until their character finally manages to escape from the cube-like universe.

The game begins when the main protagonist wakes up in an unusual room. Initially, the player’s character is unaware of his surroundings as he experiences short-term memory loss.

As they get familiar with their surroundings, players are required to explore different parts of the room in order to search for clues. The game enables players to remember the items they collect in order to use them further in the game.

Another feature which provokes players to brainstorm for new ideas is the puzzles that appear throughout every chapter. Naturally, each puzzle is unique and different from the previous one and each requires the players to come up with a strategy to solve.

On top of those features, Rusty Lake has introduced a short film as well within the boundaries of the game. This short film complements the game itself by providing the players with clues that are difficult to find if they are searched manually.

Apart from that, from a stand-alone point of view, the short film is interesting, as it provides an entertaining experience all on its own.

Paradox, despite being a mystery escape game, does not feature any sort of violence. From the beginning till the end, the game is a combination of searching for clues and solving puzzles. It features no combat, no apparent enemies, and no action at all. The game features 6 chapters, each consisting of a similar environment but with a greater difficulty level in terms of the puzzles and clues.

The game’s mechanics and dynamics are very similar to another escape mystery game called Alone in the Cosmos. Both the games are quite similar in terms of the graphics used and the gameplay experience offered.

Similar goals are attached with the main aim to escape from a particular place by solving puzzles in around the map.

Cube Escape: Paradox
Cube Escape: Paradox is a detective adventure game in which you need to escape from a strange room. Download it now for free and solve fiendish puzzles.
9.5 Total Score
Cube Escape: Paradox Review Summary

Cube Escape: Paradox is another successful edition added to the Club Escape series. The game manages to live up to the hype through its characters, environment, and the puzzles which, when combined together, creates a very bizarre, yet entertaining, game in the form of Paradox. Moreover, the short film is an added bonus which provides its players with not just information about the game itself, but an entertaining sequence which makes them chuckle at the very least.

  • The game is informative as it tests the player’s memory.
  • Different puzzles mean that players can challenge themselves, making the game more competitive.
  • No action involved throughout the game.
  • Repetitive environment means that players can eventually get bored.
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