Escape from Monkey Island

Escape from Monkey Island is the fourth installment in the series of Monkey Island adventure games. The game was officially released in 2000 all over in North America and Europe and designed for Windows, PlayStation 2 and Mac OS. This game managed to receive a massive positive response and was the first part of Monkey Island series with its graphics set in 3D. All the previous parts of the game were made in a two-dimensional graphics mode.

The storyline revolves around a pirate named Guybrush Threepwood who on returning home with his newlywed wife finds out that someone has spread the rumors of his wife’s death. This led to the dissolution of her reign as the governor. As the player, you must find a way out to solve the mysterious mishaps.

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The series of Monkey Islands point-and-click adventure games

The game which started it all was The Secret of Monkey Island released back in 1990. It was followed by Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge (1991). Six years later the fans could enjoy the comeback of the series with the release of The Curse of Monkey Island (1997). Escape from Monkey Island saw the light of day in 2000. The fifth game called Tales of Monkey Island was released in 2009 as a series of episodes.

The Game Review

Although this part of the series has also a rich story, however, it leans more towards the user brainstorming to solve various puzzles. You can simply use a keyboard or a mouse to control the actions of the main hero. The user is continually informed about the plot through dialogues, which discloses to the player that there is more to the chaos that the case regarding the pirate’s wife.

The protagonist is made to go an exciting yet a dreadful adventure with two of his close friends and a hired navigator to unfold the mysteries regarding all the rumors being spread. Following the course of the journey, the pirate also finds out about the plot to destruct the peace of the Caribbean.

The game is full of comical reliefs and joking dialogues that help to lower the stress level of the puzzles. The character in the story is provided with an inventory that has all the essential items including weapons that the user can make good use of. The inventory is a crucial part of the game as it provides hints and objects that can help you solve some of the most complicated puzzles. To the player’s advantage, the journey of the pirate is filled with clues that give you hint whenever you get stuck in a particular area. It also features a walk-through that warns the players regarding all the pitfalls.

The game features an insult sword fighting which is actually a duel fought not with swords but in fact with the best insults hurled at the opponent. The insult sword fighting is later on replaced by another duel which is known as the Monkey Kombat. Monkey Kombat is in effect a level which follows the same theme as the traditional rock paper and scissors and is composed of five fighting segments.

In this part of the journey, the player is given a sequence of words uttered by the monkeys. You must repeat the words in the perfect combinations. Every stance of the insult retorted by the monkey has a different mix. The users are advised to take notes while the words are being blurted by the monkeys to help win this critical part of the game.

Escape from Monkey Island
Escape from Monkey Island is an adventure game with the pirate Guybrush Threepwood, as the main protagonists. Download the game and have a great time solving puzzles.
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