Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is the fifth part of the popular series of survival horror games. Its release date was October 7, 2016. It’s a single-player experience and the goal is to survive five consecutive nights in an area full of hostile animatronics.

This time the location is the restaurant Circus Baby’s Pizza World, and more precisely its technical rooms. Unlike in the first four games, each night is different. With each survived night the player gets to know new characters, finds about the upcoming challenges and learns about a new piece of the story needed for the puzzle to be solved. And the story of the game is put in the forefront. It seems much more important than in the previous installments of the series.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location just like the games that came before it is shrouded in mystery. We’re not 100% sure who is the playable character. This time we don’t even know the exact date of the events.

How to Download Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

The Fame is available on Steam. Click on the Download button.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location: Night 1

The hero is employed in the restaurant as a night technician. His guide in the new work will be artificial intelligence called Hand Unit. After going down in a mysterious elevator the hero sees a ventilation duct being opened. From now on it will be the only passage between the rooms the hero has access to.

During this first night we meet three characters:

  • Ballora, a ballerina-animatronic,
  • Funtime Foxy, the fox,
  • and Baby, a humanoid animatronic with the looks of a small girl.

There is no danger this time and the only task we have is to electrocute the animatronics to make them more eager to work.

Night 2

During the second night after we once again electrocute Ballora (this time for fun), we see that there’s a technical error that requires the system to be restarted. As a result, all the ventilation ducts are opened. This is when we for the first time hear the voice of Baby which seem to help us and guide us to a hiding place under the desk.

Next, we need to hide from Bidybabs who are Baby’s companions. After they leave Baby warns us against the actions of Hand Unit. It gives us also some conflicting instructions, which after all help us to safely pass through the room where Ballora is lurking. We reach the control room where we need to restart the system manually, watching at the same time for Funtime Freddy.

Night 3

After having reached our hiding place again we listen to the next part of Baby’s story. Then Hand Unit directs us to the room with spare parts, which is on the other side of Funtime Auditorium. There we need to fix Funtime Freddy and fight Bob Bon marionette.

Night 4

We wake up inside an empty animatronic shell. We hear the voice of Baby who’s telling us about the location called Scooping Room. Then we observe what’s happening to the malfunctioning animatronics. Then we need to survive the rest of the night, fighting Minireenas, the doll helpers of Ballora.

Night 5

The night begins with fixing Baby. After collecting “the most important Baby’s part”, the rest of the animatronics is sent for utilization. Then we can sneak into Scooping Room avoiding Ballora at the same time. There we solve the secret of Baby’s and other animatronics’ motivations. Ennard, a new animatronic composed of the most important parts of Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy appears.

From the third night till the end of the game the mini-games with baby are introduced. Winning in them gives us access to a secret night, which game mechanics resemble those of the first four Five Night at Freddy’s games. When we survive it we can witness an alternative ending.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is a horror game where our enemies are animated robotic toys. Download it now and solve the dark mystery.
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