Horns of Fear

Horns of Fear is a 3rd person psychological horror game, currently available on PC and was initially released on the platform on the 7th June 2018. Set in a mysterious mansion, filled with the paranormal, Horns of Fear is a game designed to play with fear and horror, with a lot of unsettling imagery to follow along with it all.

How to Download Horns of Fear

Horns of Fear can be obtained from Steam. To start your free download click on the Download button. The game is cheap and you can have it for $4.99 There is also the official soundtrack that can be yours $2.99. The game can be tricky so it’s a good idea to consult an online walkthrough while playing. If you like horror games, read also our reviews of Devotion and The Joy of Creation.

The Game Review

As with any psychological horror game, the story is a big part of the game. The story doesn’t necessarily scream at the player throughout the entirety of the game, but it does do a wonderful job of giving the player lots of different little pieces to the puzzle, allowing for them all to be pieced together to get the overall story wrapped up. The story is designed to intrigue and to scare you from the very start and Horns of Fear manages to do just that pretty darn easily.

Horns of Fear has a lot of dark, unsettling imagery throughout the game. Every location you enter seems darker than the last and while some areas look perfectly safe, others look absolutely terrifying, melding psychological horror with violent, bloody imagery. With the art style, the game doesn’t exactly look outstanding, but for an indie game, the visuals manage to work just fine.

A lot of time with the audio it can be very much hit and miss. When the score really ramps up during some of the more horrifying parts of the game, it can really help add to the horrific atmosphere. At the same time, though, hearing the same sound effects for opening doors and walking quickly becomes tiresome and with how repetitive some of the audio ques are, you’re bound to get a little sick of them.

The game starts you off inside of a mysterious mansion, a mansion that’s currently known for the occult and a great many strange mysteries. Playing as a journalist with a fascination for the paranormal, you must explore the mansions and its many rooms, doing very little more than using WASD to walk around and enter to interact with certain objects. As you walk around the mansion, you’ll find different items and events that require a certain item to be completed properly and you won’t be able to progress further until they are fulfilled.

About halfway through the game, a terrifying entity is thrown at you and is constantly hunting you around the mansion and considering just how much stronger it is than you, there’s nothing you can do but run. Failing to run away from it quickly enough will result in a quick-time event and failing to do it will kill you and force you to start that area again. When you first encounter this entity, they are quite scary and become a little unnerving to be caught out by, but after a little while, they just feel like they’re impeding progress and making things slower than they already are.

Horns of Fear
Horns of Fear is a horror adventure game. Download it and play as a journalist exploring a mansion full supernatural phenomena.
7.5 Total Score
Horns of Fear Review Summary

Horns of Fear isn’t the most action-packed title you’re ever going to play, but despite the somewhat dated art style, the overall aesthetic of the game is pretty unsettling, regardless of how far you’ve made it into the game. Audio isn’t exactly outstanding, but it does the job to keep the player on edge, and the story as a whole is the main reason to stick around, as you’re going to want to see the ending to truly enjoy the game properly.

  • Spooky and unsettling atmosphere
  • Story is great and won’t be easily forgotten
  • Really cheap game to pick on Steam
  • Simple gameplay, with challenging puzzles that aren’t too hard
  • The monster starts to crop up too often after a while
  • Gameplay is fairly forgettable and unremarkable
  • Only one ending when it feels like there should be more
User Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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Windows 7
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Windows 10
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