The Joy of Creation: Story Mode

The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is a free downloadable horror adventure game which a fan-made game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s and uses the same characters as that game. And we should point out that while not as prevalent as it was at its height, Five Nights at Freddy’s really changed gamer perceptions of horror gaming. Before that title came out a lot of the games that dominated the genre included the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

But Five Nights at Freddy’s comes from a long line of classic, procedural PC horror titles. Many of the Roberta Williams games for the PCs in the 1990s fit this bill, chief among them being Phantasmagoria. These titles combined FMV, pre-rendered backgrounds, puzzle solving, and horror to deliver a package that felt like an interactive movie.

Easily one of the most popular indie titles ever, Five Nights at Freddy’s combines traditional jumpscares with puzzle-solving elements for a game that is definitely its own, unique thing.

So what exactly is The Joy of Creation: Story Mode actually like and how does it relate exactly to the original Five Nights at Freddy’s?

The game mimics the original but it does it all with a twist: You play as Scott Cawthon, creator of the FNaF franchise, and help him escape the horrors come to life.

If that isn’t a unique premise for a game, we don’t know what is.

How to Download The Joy of Creation: Story Mode

You can download The Joy of Creation: Story Mode for free. The final release is the version 1.4.0 with Patch #3. There is also an earlier version of the game available called The Joy of Creation: Reborn. To start downloading click on the Download link below the review. You should also listen to the atmospheric OST which is embedded for you below.

The Game Review 

Taking place on August 8, 2016, Five Nights at Freddy’s launch has brought untold fame and success to Scott and his family. But, somehow, the creatures from the game are real – and they’re upset. The narrative action of the game centers around uncovering this mystery while also finding out what exactly led to the cancellation of the next game. It is all very “meta” in approach but, nonetheless, maintains a lot of what people expect from a FNaF game.

The selectable characters include members of Scott Cawthon’s family, such as Michael, Nick, Val, and Scott himself. There are 7 “ignited” animatronics in the game and five levels, called “forgotten memories.”

The objective is to figure out what is going on and to survive until 6 AM. The levels consist of various rooms in the house such as the bedroom, living room, office, basement, and attic. Because of its heavy reliance upon atmosphere, players have to pay attention to sight, sound, and the general environment in order to survive. For expert players, each level comes with its own set of challenges for them to run in order to add replayability to the title.

The Joy of Creation: Story Mode
The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is Five Nights at Freddy's game created by Nikson. Download it now to play a new chapter in the horror adventure series.
9 Total Score
The Joy of Creation: Story Mode Review Summary

  • Awesome action similar to the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise but with its own twists
  • A really meta style of storytelling that involves the series’ creator and his own creations
  • The right combination of luck and skill to keep gamers on their toes
  • Once you’ve worn it out there might not be much of a reason to revisit this title
  • Might not be a very interesting game if you have not played Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • Graphics are basic and this might be a negative for some gamers who like their horror games a little more realistic
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