Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode is a downloadable point-and-click adventure computer game, a representative of a genre that has been, for the most part, forgotten by modern developers. The game is divided into eight episodes, during which the player embarks on an adventure playing a character named Jesse, whose goal is to find the legendary The Order of the Stone and save the world. The devs behind the game are Telltale Games studio, which is known for such hits as The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones. Interestingly, the game was created with the support of the Mojang AB studio, the creators of the original Minecraft. The first season was released on October 13, 2015, and is available on Windows PCs, and the consoles of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Additionally, you can play Minecraft: Story Mode on iOS and Android phones.

Minecraft: Story Mode – How to Download the Game

The game can be downloaded via Steam.

The Plot

In this production, the player is transferred to the world of the famous Minecraft. Our goal, however, will be not unlimited exploration but saving the world. To this end, together with our friend, we will set out on a journey to find the abovementioned order, who can overcome evil and save the world. This is the story of the game.

The mechanics of the game will surely be well known to every Telltale Games fan. Thus we have a characteristic narration, and our actions and decisions have a real impact on the gameplay and the story. Many times the player is will be faced with extremely difficult choices. The whole is also divided into successively released seasons, each consisting of five episodes. For the fans of the Minecraft series, the producer of the game has prepared some nice surprises. So in addition to the pure adventure gameplay, you will also find elements of crafting system known from the classic adventures in the voxel world.

Minecraft: Story Mode – the Voxel World

The game looks very much like Minecraft. We have a world build from the familiar voxels that play the role of pixels in the 3D worlds. Each block has its color, and each element of the world consists of such blocks, starting with rock formations, landscapes, vegetation, buildings, and ending with the characters in the game. The in-game sound effect and the dubbing also deserve praise. Among the actors who did the voice-overs are such celebrities as:

  • Patton Oswald (known from the movie Ratatouille)
  • Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us)
  • and Did Dave Fennoy (The Walking Dead).

Minecraft: Story Mode is certainly a production for a slightly younger player, but also the adults will enjoy playing this game. If you forget about the visual aspect, the game is exactly what we are used to and what the Telltale Games studio is known from.

Minecraft: Story Mode
Minecraft: Story Mode is an adventure game from Telltale Studios in which we experience adventures in a land built of voxels. Download the game and live once again in the world of Minecraft.
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