Pathologic 2

I have played some strange games in my time, but Pathologic 2 is right up there with the strangest. The whole time I played this I could hear that “strange and unusual” speech from Beetlejuice in my head! The first game has reached cult classic status and for those fans, I am sure this follow up will too.

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You can download Pathologic 2 from Steam or GOG. You can also download a free demo. To do that, click on the Download button below this review.

The Game Review

You play the role of a surgeon who has been called back home by his father. Unfortunately, your father dies just before you arrive and the whole town has some kind of plague infecting it. Not to mention you being investigated for a murder and a bunch of other strange things! This town is one weird, off-putting and just downright strange place.

I really love the town that this game is set in. I referenced Beetlejuice just before and that is very fitting. I get a very Tim Burton kind of vibe from this strange town and I mean that in the most complimentary way. I really like the architecture and the character designs are also very fitting. I actually think it is really cool that the camera zooms in super close when you talk to someone.

The style of the game is something that I really could not be any more into. I really dig this weird and unusual kind of place. The gameplay though is something that I really feel is going to be something people are split on. This is what is referred to as a survival thriller kind of game and while it is very story driven, survival to me feels like the main focus of the game.

You will be investigating many different things in this town and that is awesome. As is talking to all the different people and trying to figure out what the heck they are talking about! However, you are always fighting off hunger, exhaustion, and infection. Managing these is easier said than done because they deplete very quickly.

Having to stop doing something interesting to go and buy overpriced food or find hard to find water takes away some of the enjoyment. You cannot ignore them because if you do, you have to deal with another strange character who will force challenges on you that are designed to punish you. Worst of these being he makes your bars deplete even faster!

Exploring the town is fantastic due to how cool it is, but the game really holds your hand and before long your map is filled with waypoints. To be fair I do not hate this, but I do feel that had the game let you go and explore a little more freely, discovering secrets and more weird stuff as you do it would have been better for it.

As you would expect with a game like this there is combat. The combat is not actually that bad and I had fun with it. It is rather basic, but for me, most encounters usually ended up with me looking to sidestep or block and then counter with some punches. It is not a bad system and I did not think the combat was overused.

I so, so wanted to love Pathologic 2 and there are some things about the game that are truly incredible. I can see why some people are really going to love this game. If you can get past the “survival” mechanics of the game, you will really get invested in this game. I did have fun with this game and the setting was great, there just were some annoying things about the game design.

Pathologic 2
Pathologic is a psychological horror adventure game. Download it now and see what happens after you receive a letter from your father.
9 Total Score
Pathologic 2 Review Summary

  • One of the strangest towns I have ever walked around in
  • These people are freaking weird, and I love it!
  • The story is very engaging and makes you want more
  • I enjoyed the combat
  • I love the close-ups when talking to people
  • The survival aspect feels way too harsh
  • Being punished is not fun!
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