Silver Chains

Sometimes I play a game and have no expectations and I am blown away and that is the case with Silver Chains here. I had no idea what I was getting into, all I knew was this was a first-person horror game and that always appeals to me. I was not prepared for the fright fest that I would end up playing through on three occasions!

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The Game Review

It is worth noting that this is not an action game. This is more of a puzzle/story-based game so please keep that in mind. The story is awesome and you play as a character called Peter, who after an accident awakes at a creepy mansion. You wonder why you are here at first, but eventually, you start to realize you may have been here before and something is stalking you!

I would say that Silver Chains is one of those games that is better when you know as little about the story as possible. In terms of the story, I would describe it as a hybrid of Silent Hill, Outlast and Resident Evil VII and those are three games I hold in very high regard. You are basically putting together what you are doing here and what the thing in the dark that is hunting you is. It is a pretty great twist and as I said I played through this game three times.

On one hand that is great, but the biggest problem you will have with this game is the length. You can easily beat this game in three hours. Although, if you are an achievement hunter like me, multiple playthroughs will be necessary. So, I can see some people raising an eyebrow over the asking price. For me, the story and the presentation make up for the short playtime.

The gameplay is very easy to get to grips with. Although I could not get my Xbox One controller to work at all, the keyboard and mouse worked fine. The game is about exploring this mansion, solving puzzles and figuring out where to go. I can see some people getting lost and stuck quite easily, but I actually felt that worked in the game’s favor and fit in with Peter and his troubles.

There is not exactly what you would call combat in the game. I would say that Outlast is a very good comparison for this game in terms of when you are being hunted. By that, I mean running and hiding are how you will survive the nightmare that is chasing you down. This is a gameplay style I really like and this along with the jump scares the game throws your way makes for a terrifying experience.

One other thing I feel needs special attention is the presentation of the game. I was very impressed with how good this game looks. The different areas in the mansion are very well detailed and I found myself just looking around and taking it all in. It really does help add to the overall atmosphere of the game.

I was very impressed with Silver Chains. If you like story-driven games that are scary, you cannot go wrong with this. I will say that the game is short, but I felt that the asking price was fair as the game is made with very high quality. This is a game I was very happy to check out and one of the biggest surprises of 2019 for me.

Silver Chains
Silver Chains is a horror adventure game played from the first-person perspective. Download it now for some truly scary moments.
7.5 Total Score
Silver Chains Review Summary

  • Fantastic atmosphere
  • I loved the story from beginning to end
  • The story is very well done
  • The game looks fantastic
  • You will want to play through it multiple times
  • I could not get my Xbox One controller to work with it
  • The game can be beaten in a few hours
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