Unavowed is a downloadable adventure game with RPG elements. It’s a title developed and published by Wadjet Eye Games. The game was released on 8th August 2018 and is available to play on Microsoft Windows and macOS. The main aim of the game is to play as the main protagonist and follow a storyline which takes you on a journey to eradicate evil from the society.

How to Download Unavowed

This adventure game can be downloaded either from Steam or from GOG.com. You can download also some other titles created by the mastermind behind Unavowed and many other good adventure games, the American game designer Dave Gilbert. A good choice would be something from the Blackwell series.

Unavowed – the Story

Unavowed is a single-player game so the only available mode to play is the campaign. The main storyline revolves around the main playable character who was once possessed by a demon, which forced him to cause chaos in New York City.

Despite becoming free of that demon, the player’s character realizes that he has destroyed the society to such an extent that he must now play a major part in order to restore balance to it.

For this purpose, the player’s character joins a faction named Unavowed. Having neither a home nor friends, the player’s protagonist feels that it is now their destiny to reverse the effects of his actions

The Game Mechanics

Most of the gameplay in Unavowed revolves around the options that the player gets to choose throughout the storyline.

The main protagonist engages in conversation with numerous individuals and must choose the proper reply out of other options in order to proceed.

Apart from that, most of the game’s action is featured through a 90’s style point-and-click method. Players can use their cursors to the point where they want their character to move on the screen. It can also be used to interact with other characters as well as perform different actions or attacks by them.

Moving on to the other notable features of the game, Unavowed allows its players to choose from different characters to play as the main protagonist. Each of the playable characters has its unique base storyline which all relates to being possessed by the demon.

The type of character chosen also influences the gameplay by having an impact on the situation directly.

An example includes how the character of Gilbert affects the way the player can approach puzzles whereas selecting to play with Logan Cunningham allows players to exclusively make conversation with ghosts and get information out of them that none of the other characters can do. In addition to that, players are also given the option to choose from a number of characters that can join their party.

For any particular mission, players can choose two out of four members to help them with the action.

The Bottom Line – the Unavowed Review

Overall, Unavowed is a very basic game that gives out nostalgic vibes for players who were born in the ’90s. The graphics combined with the 2D environment and the cursor click action is something that brings back memories of the games that were released in the early 2000s. The graphics are also very basic which allows the game to be played even on outdated systems.

The storyline is also very different, forcing the players to play and complete it till the very end. The game is fun, entertaining, and addictive to play.

Unavowed is an adventure game with a paranormal theme and pixelated graphics. Download it for some really entertaining story and mind-bending puzzles.
9.5 Total Score

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