Visage is a downloadable psychological survival horror game developed and published by SadSquare Studios. The game is set in a dark environment where players have to explore a house full of paranormal entities as well as uncover flashbacks of the tragic events that took place in the past. The main aim of the game is for the players to discover the truth as they go beyond the closed curtains of the house. Visage was released on 2nd October 2018 and is available to play on the platform of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

How to Download Visage

To start downloading Visage click on the button below the review. You can download the game from Steam. Its original soundtrack is available as a separate download.

The Game Review

The Gameplay

Visage is only available in a single-player mode so naturally, players have to go through this terrifying journey as individuals. The game is set in a big haunted house where unimaginable tragic events have taken place in the past. It is set somewhere in the 1980s and house’s origin, as per the storyline, has been there for decades and dozens of family members – some of which had mysteriously died – lived there.

As players begin to start off in their in-game journey, it is revealed that families who had previously lived here had been brutally murdered by their own family members. Throughout the gameplay experience, the player’s character faces flashbacks of dark pasts and events that had previously occurred.

Players directly witness how people in the house died which, in turn, causes their character to lose sanity. To restore the character’s sanity, players can either stand beside a light or take pills that are lying around the house.

Visage: the Game Mechanics

Moving on to the game mechanics, Visage does not feature any one-on-one combat with the opponents. The players are defenseless and the only way to progress in the game is to encounter the horror stories as they exploit the players’ minds. Regardless, however, dying is still an option within the game boundaries as losing sanity can result in the player’s character’s death.

In order to avoid such instances, players can keep their character sane and avoid terrors that appear in dark rooms and corridors. Apart from that, since Visage is an interactive game as well, it allows players to examine the environment around them and collect certain items and objects that can help them escape from this nightmare.

Lastly, another aspect of Visage is how due to its dark and supernatural elements, it is strictly and officially advised that the video game may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Overall, Visage is one of those rare games which makes use of its environment and surroundings to completely provide the players with a unique gaming experience.

Similar to a typical horror film, the game builds tension and intensity and combines it with its realistic graphics in order to completely baptize the players into the environment.

Furthermore, the game contains realistic illustrations of violence, brutality, murderous events, excessive use of alcohol, and drug abuse which can become very disturbing to watch. Hence this is a game which is not suitable for players of all ages and is only enjoyable for those who are into the genre of horror.

Visage is an FPS horror game in which you set to explore a huge haunted house. Download the game and prepare for an unnerving experience.
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