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123 Free Solitaire 11.0

Download 123 Free Solitaire – a rich collection of card games for solitaire enthusiasts. The installation file is not large (about 7 MB) and can be downloaded very quickly from the internet.  This way you gain access to a set of twelve solitaire card games (or patience).

What games are included in 123 Free Solitaire?

123 Free Solitaire includes the following games:

  • Diplomat,
  • Flower Garden,
  • Forty Thieves,
  • FreeCell,
  • Golf A-K,
  • Klondike,
  • Klondike by Threes,
  • Pyramid,
  • Spider – also known as Spider Solitaire,
  • Spider One Suit,
  • Spider Two Suits,
  • Yukon.

The Rules of Solitaire 123 Solitaire

Each of the abovementioned patience games displays information about:

  • the number of decks used in the game,
  • game time
  • difficulty level
  • Skill level (the effect of luck on the end result),
  • chance of winning.

Most importantly, according to what TreeCardGames claim, each solitaire can be played in at least nine trillion different deals, so the user does not have the chance to ever play the same game. An important advantage of 123 Solitaire is also user-friendly graphical user interface with a modern look.

The player has the ability to undo and replay moves. You can also change the style of cards (there are seven to choose from), decide to change the wallpaper (that is the table cover) or even the color scheme. You can also choose the game with the level of difficulty according to your skill level. You will be also able to pick a game with one or two decks of cards.

123 Free Solitaire will appeal to any fan of card games, and even those who do not consider themselves to be gamblers will find this set fun and relaxing. The games are designed to be a great pastime, provide relaxation and relieve us from stress. We should also remember that this is a great exercise for the brain as solitaire is, after all, a puzzle game.

The game interface is divided into six sections, where we can:

  • decide on a new game,
  • choose the game options (background, cards, speed etc),
  • upgrade to SolSuite
  • Or use the in-game help system that includes, among other things, descriptions of the rules of each of twelve solitaire games.

The menu bar shows the time elapsed during the deal and the current score. It is worth pointing out that 123 Free Solitaire is a free game that anyone can download to try how good they are in card games. 123 Solitaire can also be upgraded to paid SolSuite (which offers many additional features and several hundred different solitaire games).

Solitaire is an addictive game that is a favorite game not only for older ladies. First of all, it is a puzzle game, so it will appeal to anyone who is not afraid to use their brain

The additional advantage of the game is that we can abandon the current deal at any time and replace it with a new one. 123 Free Solitaire has been considered a cult game since the days of Windows 95. The game gives you the opportunity to relax with each hand played and the ability to customize the interface only adds to the experience.

123 Free Solitaire

123 Free Solitaire is a free pack of 12 patience games in attractive graphic design. Download this collection now and relax playing cards.

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